Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Reads

Not much else is going on this week. I had enrolled in a romantic suspense RWA class last week only to discover the Goodreads RWA class started this week. If I’m not careful, I’ll end up with class overload and not get any writing done. At least it hasn’t happened yet, as the writing is going GOOD. Which means the reading was light. Here’s what I read during the last week:

Oct 7: “Dexter is Delicious” by Jeff Lindsay. This is the fifth book in the Dexter Morgan series and is a horror. Blurb on book: Dexter Morgan’s happy homicidal life is undergoing some major changes. He’s always lived by a single golden rule--he kills only people who deserve it. But the Miami blood-spatter analyst has recently become a daddy--to an eight-pound curiosity named Lily Anne--and strangely, Dex’s dark urges seem to have left him. Is he ready to become an overprotective father? To pick up soft teddy bears instead of his trusty knife, duct tape, and fishing wire? What’s a serial killer to do? Then Dexter is summoned to investigate the disappearance of an eighteen-year-old girl who seems to have been abducted by a bizarre group…who just may be vampires…and--possibly--cannibals. Nothing like the familiar hum of his day job to get Dexter’s creative dark juices flowing again. Assisting his bull-in-a-china-shop detective sister, Deborah, Dex wades into an investigation that gets more disturbing by the moment. And to compound the complication of Dexter’s every-more-complicated life, a person from his past suddenly reappears…moving dangerously close to his home turf and threatening to destroy the one thing that has maintained Dexter’s pretend human cover and kept him out of the electric chair: his new family.  It had been awhile since I read book #4, and wasn’t all that fond of it, but I have all the books to the series and with the television series completed, thought it was time to see how the books fared (since the story lines are no where near the same). I was pleasantly surprised to find this book better than the last and look forward to reading the last two.

If you’ve been interested in checking out the blogs associated with Celebrate Paranormal Month at Lyrical Press, here are the latest links (links to other dates can be found on previous blog posts here):

October 9:

So… Have you been watching any new shows this season? We’re kind of hooked on “Sleepy Hollow.” Especially my husband, a guy who won’t watch “Supernatural” and thinks “The Abyss” is a scary movie. I doubt I’ll ever understand him.

Happy reading!




Maria Zannini said...

It's hard for me to stay loyal to a show. I always forget it's on.

I have been faithful to Blacklist so far, (James Spader is excellent) but I know I'll forget SHIELD unless the husband is home. I watch it more for his company than the show.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - Being loyal is easy when you have a DVR - haha! Of course, if the show ends up coming on later than it's scheduled to be (because of football running long), you could miss the ending of a show.

I'm not a fan of James Spader, so Blacklist didn't appeal to me. I am enjoying SHIELD, though (and the ads for Thor! Haha)

The Spooky Whisk said...

I'll have to check out Sleepy Hollow when it hits NetFlix. Been home sick all week and yesterday I read a book, well, it was a coupon book.

BUT, today I printed my old fiction manuscript and am going to give it a read, whilst resting.

Rest, rest, I hate being sick.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - Enjoy your reading and take care!!

Sandra Cox said...

I was going to watch SH but got sidetracked by a Castle rerun I hadn't seen. I do want to watch it though. I enjoyed what I saw of it.

Mark Noce said...

Cool that you enrolled in a class...the more feedback the better:)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Sandra - It is pretty good, and Icabod isn't bad to look at, either! Love his accent.

Mark - I'm always enrolling in one class or another and there's always at least one little bit of information that helps me (even if it's reinforcing what I'm already doing!).