Friday, December 9, 2016

I'm Not Ready for Winter

Winter is barging her way here. Winds have been pretty strong and now a dusting of snow is on the ground. I’m so glad I’m going on vacation somewhere warm.

Yeah, I know other people—people who live farther north—have it rougher than I do. But I don’t live there. I live here. I’d probably complain louder if I did live there.

I should know. I complained plenty when I lived in Alaska. Now there was a cold place. Didn’t get a lot of snow, though. Nope. Too cold. Saw more snow when I lived in New Jersey!

Yeah, I complained about that state, too. So you’ll probably wonder why in the world I settled in Ohio? Easy. We couldn’t afford California. J

I’m not ready for winter to settle in. So I guess I better soak up whatever sun I can during the next week.

I still plan on blogging during vacation (just like the last time). I still have my 13-post/month goal to save. Last month! Yay!! In 2017, I think I’m not going to worry about missing a post here or there. Too much stress. Haha!

Still haven’t caught that mouse. Grrrr… I really hope we catch him before Saturday. Or can I hope he’s left the house? Is that even possible? Probably not. Why go out in the cold if you have a warm place to stay, right?

So… You all set for Christmas? Taking a vacation so close to the holiday has helped me get ready sooner. Presents that need to be mailed have been mailed and I believe I have everything bought (just not all delivered). I’ll worry about wrapping when I get home.

Have a great Friday. And stay warm!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I miss snow. We don't see it often here.
Hey, when you're on your cruise, just enjoy!
And...the Penguins won last night.

JeffO said...

We've been flirting with winter through the last half of November. It feels like it's really here now. I think temps are supposed to be heading down to the teen early next week. Brr!

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I have gifts ordered, so that's a plus! Decorating this weekend.

Sooo with you on the snow and cold--I keep thinking how it's 10 deg. warmer where we're moving! Doesn't sound like much difference, but there's no snow there!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - You're right, the Penguins DID win. One of these days I'm going to break down and buy the NHL package.

Jeff - It was in the teens this morning. Expect to freeze my tookus off tomorrow morning when I pack the car. Guess I should make sure it's running with the heat on! :)

Jennette - All my decorating is finished. I don't do much anyway. I was going to hang a wreath outside, but never got around to it. I guess if no one is bugging me to decorate, I just don't. :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Enjoy your time away, I'm sure you will. Sorry about the snow. Looks like we're gonna be snowed-in here tomorrow but that's 100 percent okay with me. A mouse? You mean mice? Or mouse? Where there's one, there's usually many more. Ack.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - I don't want to think I have more than one mouse in the house, but it's possible there are more. I haven't caught any, yet, which makes me think it's just the one. There were some in the garage, though, so who knows.