Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Favorite Reads of 2016

No Wednesday Reads to report this week. And I’m not so sure I’ll finish another book this year, so I thought I would list my favorites of 2016 (and if by some chance I do finish my current read before the 31st, I’ll update this list, because it’ll be on it!).

As it stands now, I accomplished reading 71 books this year. No where near the 90 I set my goal for at the beginning, but more than the 65 I had adjusted to back in September (or was that October).

Here are my favorite (5-star) books of 2016 (in the order I read them):

  1. "Fatal Secrets" by Allison Brennan (finished 1/5/16). 428 pages.
  2. "Cutting Edge" by Allison Brennan (finished 1/10/16). 405 pages.
  3. "Reflected in You" by Sylvia Day (finished 1/13/16). 338 pages.
  4. "Maximum Exposure" by Allison Brennan (finished 1/16/16). 83 pages.
  5. "The Dirt on Ninth Grave" by Darynda Jones (finished 1/19/16). 326 pages.
  6. "Hard to Let Go" by Laura Kaye (finished 2/3/16). 363 pages.
  7. "Sweet Revenge" by Rebecca Zanetti (finished 2/24/16). 341 pages.
  8. "Blind Faith" by Rebecca Zanetti (finished 2/27/16). 368 pages.
  9. "Finding Their Balance" by M.Q. Barber (finished 3/7/16). 322 pages.
  10. "Runaway Vampire" by Lynsay Sands (finished 3/13/16). 349 pages.
  11. "Entwined with You" by Sylvia Day (finished 3/19/16). 356 pages.
  12. "Captivated by You" by Sylvia Day (finished 3/20/16). 356 pages.
  13. "Time's Best Friend" by Jennette Marie Powell (finished 3/29/16). 343 pages.
  14. "The Unleashed" by Brett Battles (finished 4/1/16). 289 pages.
  15. "Wallbanger" by Alice Clayton (finished 4/5/16). 365 pages.
  16. "One With You" by Sylvia Day (finished 4/14/16). 462 pages.
  17. "Midnight Rising" by Lara Adrian (finished 4/19/16). 356 pages.
  18. "The Beast" by J.R. Ward (finished 4/24/16). 508 pages.
  19. "Veil of Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 4/28/16). 355 pages.
  20. "The Saints of the Lost and Found" by T.M. Causey (finished 5/3/16). 297 pages.
  21. "Ashes of Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 5/9/16). 353 pages.
  22. "Dead Ice" by Laurell K. Hamilton (finished 5/23/16). 560 pages.
  23. "Shades of Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 5/31/16). 383 pages.
  24. "Taken By Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 6/16/16). 370 pages.
  25. "Deeper Than Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 7/3/16). 387 pages.
  26. "The Curse of Tenth Grave" by Darynda Jones (finished 7/9/16). 342 pages.
  27. "Darker After Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 7/19/16). 360 pages.
  28. "A Taste of Midnight" by Lara Adrian (finished 7/20/16). 80 pages.
  29. "Don't Tempt Me" by Lori Foster (finished 7/25/16). 330 pages.
  30. "Edge of Dawn" by Lara Adrian (finished 7/30/16). 368 pages.
  31. "End of Watch" by Stephen King (finished 8/14/16). 429 pages.
  32. "Crave the Night" by Lara Adrian (finished 8/27/16). 354 pages.
  33. "Charming the Professor" by Donna MacMeans (finished 8/31/16). 196 pages.
  34. "An Accidental Gentleman" by M.Q. Barber (finished 9/3/16). 166 pages.
  35. "The Siren's Dance" by Amber Belldene (finished 9/8/16). 208 pages.
  36. "Bound to Darkness" by Lara Adrian (finished 9/15/16). 298 pages.
  37. "Hard Ever After" by Laura Kaye (finished 9/25/16). 126 pages.
  38. "Immortal Nights" by Lynsay Sands (finished 9/29/16). 346 pages.
  39. "The Vampire's Mail Order Bride" by Kristen Painter (finished 10/3/16). 212 pages.
  40. "Relax, I'm a Ninja" by Natalie Whipple (finished 10/6/16). 338 pages.
  41. "Trust Me, I'm a Ninja" by Natalie Whipple (finished 10/13/16). 351 pages.
  42. "Back Off, I'm a Ninja" by Natalie Whipple (finished 10/14/16). 321 pages.
  43. "Race the Darkness" by Abbie Roads (finished 10/22/16). 332 pages.
  44. "Defy the Darkness" by Lara Adrian (finished 10/25/16). 286 pages.
  45. "You Belong to Me" by Karen Rose (finished 11/2/16). 494 pages.
  46. "Pairing Off" by Elizabeth Harmon (finished 11/7/16). 380 pages.
  47. "Closer Than You Think" by Karen Rose (finished 11/10/16). 678 pages.
  48. "The Lost Girls" by Allison Brennan (finished 11/21/16). 439 pages.
  49. "The Chemist" by Stephenie Meyer (finished 11/25/16). 518 pages.
  50. "Blood Vow" by J.R. Ward (finished 12/31/16). 459 pages.
If you want to see ALL the books I read, you can find them listed on the tab that says "What I've Read in 2016."

(12/31/16 NOTE: I did finish the book by the 31st and added it to the bottom, making it a total of 72 books read.)

I’ll set my goal the same (65) for next year. Don’t need to cause me any unnecessary stress. But I will change my reading up a bit. I have all these books upstairs that I received free from conventions. Books I thought sounded interesting and didn’t want to give away just yet. Thing is, they’re out of sight, so I never got around to reading them. Well, I’m going to remedy that. I’ll pick one of those books to read each month. If the first chapter doesn’t grab me, though… GOODBYE. No use wasting my time on duds, you know?

So… Do you feel good about your reading stats this year? Or do you not even bother tracking them? The accountant in me loves to track stuff, so it’s not a chore. I tend to only do stuff I enjoy nowadays. Which is probably why my house is a mess. Oh well… J

Happy Reading!



JeffO said...

That's a lot of favorites! I figure I'll do my own reading update next week or the week after, but I'm pretty happy with my reading, though it's fallen off a bit these last couple of months. Favorites would probably be NOS4A2, by Joe Hill, The Water Knife, by Paolo Bacigalupi, and All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - I did love a lot of books this year -- my favorite authors are keeping me busy! We'll see how many favorites I have next year when I start reading stuff from new-to-me authors. :)

The Happy Whisk said...

I don't track what I read but I could check on Kindle online and probably see if they have it in history. What do you like to read on better, hardcopy or digital?

My wholefoods and cookery books I like hardcopy but other stuff, digital all the way.

Happy 2016.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - I prefer to read hardcopy. I like to SEE how much I've read/how much more I have to read. Plus, the batteries don't die unexpectedly. :)