Friday, April 14, 2017

Hockey, Concerts, and Easter

Tonight is game 2 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Columbus Blue Jackets in round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. My daughter has tickets to the game (lucky duck), but I have to settle for watching it on TV. Unfortunately, the game is being telecast on the NHL Network, which, of course, I don’t have. Figures! So it looks like Hubby and I will put on our jerseys (yep, I’ll make him wear his) and head out to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game. Oh, and have dinner, too.

I hope the Penguins score early and numerous times. I don’t need a stress-fest. Or heartburn.

I’m sure they’ll give me both, though. It’s what they do!!

Yesterday I bought our first concert tickets of the season. I was beginning to wonder if the Rose Music Center was going to have any concerts I wanted to see and could actually attend. When I got the e-mail about Air Supply performing on August 12, I first checked to see if that date was free (it was!). Then I asked Hubby if he liked them. I was so happy he said yes! I love presales. Got good seats.

I’m glad the Rose Music Center goes through Ticketmaster to sell their tickets. I had wanted to see Boz Scaggs at the Fraze Pavilion, but they sell their tickets through Epic, which charges $11/ticket fee. Ticketmaster isn’t quite that bad (and I have vouchers to use, which helps reduce those fees). Besides, the Rose is closer to home and the parking is way easier to get in and out. Bonus!

On Sunday we will be driving to Columbus to spend Easter with our friends. I don’t know how much Hubby will eat, but he is eating more now (thank goodness). He discovered taking oxycodone before dinner kills the pain in his throat and he can swallow (he had some leftover from his surgery and the doctors said it was better for him to take this instead of a fever-reducer pain med). Of course, it also makes him drowsy and I have to wake him to eat. You should have seen us at O’Charley’s the other night. I kept waiting for him to fall into his meal!

But I know he’s feeling better. Besides pouting up a storm when I told him he couldn’t drive to dinner (I really hope he was yanking my chain on that one), he was able to insult me in front of the nurse during one of his many appointments. Made me smile. After I smacked him in the arm. J

I’m looking forward to spending some time with friends this Sunday and eating lots of good food. Then hopefully we’ll be able to play Uno or some other game after dinner. Provided Hubby doesn’t fall asleep.

Oh heck. We’ll just play around him. J

So… Are you watching the playoffs? Got plans for the holiday? Seeing any concerts this year? Please share!

Happy Easter!



JeffO said...

I sat through what was possibly the worst second period the Bruins have played all season on Wednesday night (and there have been a lot of clunkers; the Bruins were really bad in second periods this season, for whatever reason) before they came through in the third. Love, love, love playoff hockey, but it IS stressful--why do we watch sports???

Glad to hear the husband is doing better. Happy Easter!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - Hmmm... why DO we watch sports? I guess we just like the stress!! Haha!

Maria Zannini said...

Glad to hear your hubby is eating more. I read just the other day that smelling a green apple helps with dry mouth. It didn't say why though. Just thought I'd pass that on.

re: concerts
I love Air Supply, but I'm not keen on concerts. Too many people.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - The Rose Music Center is a small venue (as is the Fraze Pavilion). Probably why they don't get any big acts! :)