Friday, June 16, 2017

Pictures From My Mammoth Cave Trip!!!

Would you believe it? I finally downloaded my pictures. It's a miracle! Now hopefully you won't be too disappointed when you see how few I took. Hahahaha!

This is one of the openings to the cave. It's probably the one used the most, too. Lots of steps to get down there.

The light was so poor, my camera couldn't do the cave justice. I was able to take pictures of the graffiti, though. These names were written with the smoke from the light sticks (torches?) the tour guides carried way back in the 1830s.

 This is more graffiti on the cave ceiling.

 The guides suspect that some of the names were written in mirror image because they were looking down to copy the names.

 See? Here's an actual date! 1837. Unreal, huh?

 This is one of the stalactites we came across. Not too many in this part of the cave, though.

Here's one of Hubby and me outside in the park.

We walked down to the river (which was quite a trek).

Of course, we then had to climb back up. At least the trail wasn't TOO steep. It just took awhile!

After visiting the park, we took a trip to the Corvette Museum. While the cars were interesting to look at, what I really wanted to see was the sink hole. Well, guess they filled it in. But the 7 cars that fell in (which was all caught on camera--pretty awesome to watch), are still on display. Only two were able to be restored.

They marked the floor where the sinkhole was located.

The 1993 model was pretty beat up, but not as bad as some others.

Can you even tell this was a car?

 I don't even know what year the next few were.

This was the 1.5 millionth Corvette made. It was unrepairable.

However, the 1 millionth car was salvageable. It was hanging by a tire and they were able to save it before it crashed into the hole.

So, those are some of the pictures I took. Are you impressed that I finally downloaded them?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

A sinkhole in the middle of the Corvette museum? That is freaky. And what a shame! Now I'm going in search of the video.
I'd enjoy that hike up from the river.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - Never thought to check YouTube. Nice video documentary about the whole thing.

Maria Zannini said...

Pretty nice handwriting for graffiti.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - It would take them hours to write their name. And it's done one dot at a time.