What I've Read in 2018

A new year, a new goal. In order to concentrate on writing more, I've lowered my goal to 50 books read in 2018.

Here's what I read in 2018:

1. "Illumination" by Susannah Sandlin (2017). 356 pages. Finished 1/16/18. Paranormal romance. Penton Legacy #5. Nik and Shay's story. This is the final book in the Penton Legacy series. A nice ending, but I'm a little sad there won't be any more. I came to really enjoy this series and 5 books just seems too short!
2. "Crimson Death" by Laurell K. Hamilton (2016). 710 pages. Finished 1/29/18. Urban fantasy. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #25. The usual rambling and overly long descriptions, but a bit too much repetition for my taste. Could have been cut considerably.

3. "Blood Fury" by J.R. Ward (2018). 411 pages. Finished 2/6/18. Paranormal romance. Black Dagger Legacy #3. Peyton & Nova's story and Saxton & Ruhn's story. Two romances in one book! I was in heaven.
4. "Into the Black Nowhere" by Meg Gardiner (2018). 352 pages. Finished 2/14/18. Suspense/thriller. UNSUB series #2. Okay, when's #3 coming out? I'm ready.
5. "Poisonous" by Allison Brennan (2016). 420 pages. Finished 2/20/18. Suspense/thriller. Maxine Revere series #3. Wow. Hard to put down. I really love this series.
6. "Two to Die For" by Allison Brennan (2017). 218 pages. Finished 2/28/18. Suspense/thriller. Lucy Kincaid #12.5 & Maxine Revere #3.5 novellas. Two very good stories in series I still love to read.

7. "Shattered" by Allison Brennan (2017). 390 pages. Finished 3/3/18. Suspense. Maxine Revere series #4. Crossover with Lucy Kincaid series and I loved it!
8. "Breaking Point" by Allison Brennan (2018). 419 pages. Finished 3/5/18. Suspense. Lucy Kincaid series #13. Just breezed through this unputdownable book. Loved getting to see more of JT too.
9. "Wicked Kiss" by Rebecca Zanetti (2017). 261 pages. Finished 3/10/18. Paranormal romance. Realm Enforcers #4. Adam and Victoria's story. Fast-paced and lots of action. Loved it!
10. "Wicked Bite" by Rebecca Zanetti (2017). 267 pages. Finished 3/14/18. Paranormal romance. Realm Enforces #5. Bear and Nessa's story. I love Bear. Nice wrap-up to the series.
11. "Lethal Lies" by Rebecca Zanetti (2017). 380 pages. Finished 3/19/18. Romantic suspense. Blood Brothers #2. Heath and Anya's story. Ready for the last book in this trilogy. Great series!
12. "Twisted Truths" by Rebecca Zanetti (2017). 382 pages. Finished 3/23/18. Romantic suspense. Blood Brothers #3. Denver and Noni's story. Great end to a trilogy (and for the Sin Brothers series, too).

13. "Sleeping Beauties" by Stephen King and Owen King (2017). 700 pages. Finished 4/2/18. Horror. A world without men vs. a world without women. Very interesting.
14. "The Silent Corner" by Dean Koontz (2017). 434 pages. Finished 4/8/18. Suspense. Jane Hawk series #1. A horrific story of biochemisty being used for evil. Look forward to reading what else is going to happen.
15. "Twice Bitten" by Lynsay Sands (2018). 373 pages. Finished 4/17/18. Paranormal romance. Argeneau Vampire series #27. Elspeth and Wyatt's story. This series is still very much enjoyable.
16. "Dearest Ivie" by J.R. Ward (2018). 136 pages. Finished 4/22/18. Paranormal romance. Black Dagger Brotherhood #15.5 (novella). Ivie and Silas's story. Made me cry, but made me happy, too.
17. "The Thief" by J.R. Ward (2018). 454 pages. Finished 4/25/18. Paranormal romance. Back Dagger Brotherhood #16. Sola and Assail's story. Doc Jane and Vishous', too. Man, I just love this series.

18. "Claimed in Shadows" by Lara Adrian (2018). 272 pages. Finished 5/6/18. Paranormal romance. Midnight Breed #15. Aric and Kaya's story. Some twists and turns. One I expected, the other I did not. Enjoyable, but a little slower than usual.
19. "The Red Lily" by Juliette Cross (2017). 248 pages. Finished 5/22/18. Paranormal romance. Vampire Blood #2. Nikolai and Sienna's story. A take on Red Riding Hood. Very good series.

20. "The White Lily" by Juliette Cross (2017). 271 pages. Finished 6/11/18. Paranormal romance. Vampire Blood #3. Friedrich and Brennalyn's story. A take on Snow White. Really enjoying this series.
21. "The Emerald Lily by Juliette Cross (2018). 275 pages. Finished 6/23/18. Paranormal romance. Vampire Blood #4. Mikhail and Mina's story. A take on Sleeping Beauty and the end of this series. A nice ending, too.

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