Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Reads and a Rant

I don’t understand.

I was having trouble getting some books I wanted to read because so many publishers (mine included), have digital first or digital only. If I wanted to read the book, I needed an e-reader. So this past Christmas I broke down and told my husband if he wanted to get me an e-reader, the one I wanted was the Nook w/glow light (that one was the easiest on my eyes and I am a member of B&N). Being the smart man that he is (and knows easy when he sees it), got me the e-reader.

Okay, I’m ready now, right?


See…there’s this giant out there and a lot of self-pubbers apparently think that this giant is the ONLY way to make money (and of course their digital books won’t work on my e-reader). I’m sorry, maybe it’s my accounting degree, but I don’t believe using only one outlet is the way to reach more readers. Advertising is. If I don’t use the giant’s site, how am I learning about your book? And if I don’t have the giant’s reading device, how are you making it EASY for me to buy/download/read your book? (Reading my book on my laptop is far from EASY and I do NOT own a smart phone-not that I’d want to read a book on that small device).

I just don’t understand. Am I the only one who feels this way? I sure hope not.

Okay, rant over. This is what I finished reading in the past week:

Jun 4: “Deliver Me From Temptation” by Tes Hilaire. This is the second book in the Paladin Warriors series and is a paranormal romance (and I have the paperback, which I bought). Blurb on back: LOGAN SCREWED UP…BIG TIME. When things go bump in the night, Logan bumps back. Vampires, demons, succubi--you name it, he’s fought it. His job as a Paladin angel warrior is to protect humans. Not fall for one. SHE NEVER BELIEVED IN DIVINE INTERVENTION…UNTIL NOW. Detective Jessica Waters protects humans too--with her Glock and a good set of handcuffs. She doesn’t believe in fate. But if anyone looks like a gift from the gods, it’s Logan. And he clearly knows more about her case than he’s letting on… This is a series I’m coming to love. Just wish they were all written already, but no. #3 isn’t out yet (and hopefully it won’t be the last). Oh well, it’s not like I don’t have plenty to keep me busy until they are. I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads.  

Penguins aren’t doing so well in the series. I hope they get their sh*t together soon or they’ll be headed for home!

So, what’s your favorite way to read? I still pick paper over digital. So much easier to share.

Happy Reading!




Jennette Marie Powell said...

I much prefer my ereader because I can read in the dark, or on the computer on my treadmill, or on my phone if stuck waiting in line somewhere. I can answer your question about why some author go exclusive to Amazon: the increased sales more than make up for those lost on the other outlets. Sad but true for many. Amazon gives many ways to help indie and small press books find readers; B&N sadly never really stepped up to the plate there.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - You can't always rely on the distributor, though. Give them that much power and you're just asking for trouble.

Maria Zannini said...

Amazon may not be the only distributor, but they're the only one that makes it easy for both readers and writers to connect.

Much as I hate monopolies, Amazon's customer service is impeccable. As a writer, their methodology far surpasses Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and ITunes. I wish it wasn't so, but that's the bottom line.

Success depends on the distributor's ability to meet needs. When the others wake up and figure this out, maybe we'll have a healthy competition again.

I like to read off an iPad the best.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - The light from an iPad doesn't bother your eyes? I tried reading from a tablet once - never again. I might as well read off my computer (and I do enough of that when I'm writing and checking blogs and stuff). When I want (need) to relax, I need to get away from the light.

The Happy Whisk said...

Sometimes it's good to have a nice rant.

Jen B said...

I prefer reading a paper book. They are fun to hold and you can visually see how much of the book you have left. I also really love bookmarks, and they just aren't the same in ebook format.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Thanks, Ivy. I think so, too.

Jen B - Yes!! You've hit upon one of my pet peeves about e-books - SEEING how much you have left to read. The book numberings on those systems are NEVER consistent. Sometimes two clicks are a page, sometimes one click is two pages. And the size of the font has remained UNCHANGED.

In case no one ever noticed - I can be stubborn when it comes to (some) changes. Okay, MOST changes! :)