Friday, July 6, 2018

It's a Lot of Little Things

Last Friday I talked about having to get with it. And then I do nothing. No writing. No reading. No blogging. And if it didn’t hurt so much to lie in bed, I’d probably stay in it a good portion of the day.

I’m beginning to wonder if my medication is starting to affect me. Of course, it could be the hot weather, too. I just don’t feel like doing anything. And I have way to much stuff to do!

I’m hosting Sizzle and Sass this week, which has kind of taken over my life, like it does every time I’m host. Thank goodness I only do this 3-4 times a year. But man, my time seems to come up quicker each time. But that’s a symptom of old age, right?

I’m still cleaning out the old house. Made two trips to Goodwill this week, today will mark a third and hopefully Saturday a fourth (and final) trip. Hubby is determined to finish cleaning out that house this weekend. And with the weather turning cooler (low 80s instead of mid 90s), that might actually happen. We might not feel so exhausted so soon.

I’m still putting stuff away in the new house. Got my white board up (yay!) and bought some new hangers for my sweatshirts and sweaters (I lost my shelves from our old closet, which we may remedy…some day). But there are still boxes to go through (have no idea where to put the stuff!) and then there’s still more stuff from the old house (if it doesn’t end up in the trash—I’m hoping trash). And we have all these pictures that need to go on the wall (instead of leaning up against it). I just have to figure out WHERE I want them to go.

And right now, my brain doesn’t want to cooperate. It’s like it’s going on strike, saying, “Enough!” Heck, even my body says that after a day at the old house.

Every little thing is piling up. That’s why I’m having trouble determining whether it’s just stuff going on or if my medication is making that stuff harder to deal with. Are my joints sore because I’m moving stuff or sore because of the medication? Am I slightly depressed because of the weather making moving more difficult or slightly depressed from the medication?

At least I haven’t wanted to chew anyone’s head off. But I’m not feeling myself and I don’t know why. Hopefully our upcoming vacation will fix what’s wrong. If it doesn’t, then I’ll know it’s the medication. And then I’ll probably cry. Because I really don’t want to try something else. It might be worse!

Fighting cancer sucks, you know?

So does getting old, but for some reason I can deal with that easier.

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So… Did you have a nice 4th of July? We went to the Dragons game (they won!) and watched fireworks after. It was stinkin’ hot out there, though. I was drenched in sweat. But the fireworks were fun (and so was the game), so I guess it was worth it.

Happy Friday!



JeffO said...

Sometimes, it happens this way. I sat down to work on my WiP last night and had...nothing. I needed to do a little shuffling and shifting and condensing. I managed to squeeze out a 200-word paragraph (that I'm not even sure is going to survive today), then said, "Eff it" and went to read. Sometimes, we just don't have it.

That said, I think if you have any reason to think it's the meds, check with your doctor.There's enough in this world to drag us down as it is, we don't need stuff like that to do it, too.Hopefully, the cooler weather will help, too, it was pretty brutal this week.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm sure part of it is the heat. Sucks the life right out of you.
Just deep breaths. Don't push yourself too hard.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - I have to wait until August to see the doctor. Besides our 16-day upcoming trip taking up most of July, my new doctor doesn't get in until then and they're not even taking appointments yet. My original doctor was discharged, or rather got out of the Air Force, and her replacement has been slow coming. Even if I tried booking with the other doctor (the one Hubby sees), he's so busy I would probably have to wait until AFTER August to get an appointment. It's sad that the cancer unit is so damned busy.

Alex - The heat is brutal. Or should I say the humidity. I don't think it would bother me as much if it was a drier heat.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

The heat has definitely been a drag. But the meds could definitely have something to do with it too! I haven't done much this week either, but did get to a little writing, finally. Getting more stuff out of the old house isn't trivial, either. Hope your vacation is great and banishes the blahs!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Thanks. I'm really looking forward to this vacation! And coming home to a new house won't be so bad, either.

Maria Zannini said...

It's funny how the cumulative effect of a lot of little things can bring us low. One step, and one breath at a time. Things will work themselves out.

The Happy Whisk said...

Alex said it the best.

Feel better :-)