Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

I've been thinking about doing this blog thing for a while now. We'll see how well I do. It will probably take me some practice to just get ideas!

I ate too much today and I actually only ate one meal (although who knows if I snack any more before heading for bed).

Tomorrow is family movie day, a tradition that started in the late 80's, when the kids were small. That first movie was the forgettable "Ghost Dad". Yeah, it was bad. This year our movie is "New Moon", even though my daughter & I saw the midnight showing last Thursday night. We're big fans of the books, and were very pleased with how "New Moon" was filmed. My husband & son don't seem to mind. They sat through "Twilight" for last year's day after Thanksgiving movie. Our other family movie day is Christmas. So far, "Sherlock Holmes" is in the running (unless something else catches our eye).

Well, that's all for my first blog. If someone reads this, I'll be shocked!

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