Sunday, November 29, 2009

Writing's Good

After writing a summary out for Book 2 (currently untitled), I've finally got back to the book I started back in September. Since it's a sequel to The Uncommon One, I had to fix some things in that book before I could go on to Book 2. I found writing out the summary first to be so much more productive, too (wish I had thought about that before writing Book 1, but I was a newby and didn't know any better).

Anyway, I feel like I'm going somewhere with this book and actually added another 1,000 words. Not much, I know, but better than what I had done the past week! Any progress is good progress. And my ideas are playing in my head, so that's good, too. The book is talking to me and I want to write. So why am I here? I just finished writing out my Christmas letter and thought I would jot a note here (since I mention this blog in the letter). As soon as this is posted, I'll be back to John & Sarah.

I love writing! Even the Christmas letter went faster this year. I was dreading writing it, but once I got going, it went pretty well. I impressed myself. Now all I have to do is go out and buy Christmas Cards (uh oh!).

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