Sunday, December 27, 2009

Movies Galore

It almost seemed like I spent the weekend at the movies.  That's the one part of the holidays I love, though.  Movies take to you another place and time and I love being entertained, too.

On Christmas Eve, the family went to see "Avatar".  I had absolutely no idea what the movie was about, but the kids wanted to see it, and it got good reviews, so we went.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a great movie - a "keeper" as we call it here (meaning we'll buy it when it comes on DVD).  The special effects were pretty spectacular, too.

On Christmas, the family went to see "Sherlock Holmes".  It was one we were anticipating to see.  What a disappointment.  My daughter and I both nodded off a couple of times in the movie.  None of us cared for it and I felt like I wasted money watching that.  Oh well, it wasn't the first movie that bombed in our holiday movie viewing, and it probably won't be the last.

On the day after Christmas, we (being the family minus the son and adding a friend) went and saw "It's Complicated".  As I was looking up the movie times, I noticed the film was based in Santa Barbara.  I was delighted and hoped to see lots of scenes of the city I grew up in.  There weren't lots of scenes, but enough to make me homesick.  Anyway, we enjoyed the film.  I haven't laughed like that in a long time.  Thoroughly entertained!  I think it's a "keeper".

Now, maybe my idea of a good movie is different from reviewers, but I think the movie is good if I'm entertained and want to see it again.  That's how I view my reading, too.  I like to be entertained.  I like to be taken for a ride.  When the story starts getting bogged down with a lot of description, I lose interest.  It's how I write, too.  Maybe I don't have enough discription, and it's something I keep asking my readers about, but I try not to bog the story down with useless information.  The reader should have an active imagination (or else they don't read, do they?) and be able to picture the scene in their head without me detailing it to death.  Or am I wrong about that?

All I know is that I wrote something I like to read.  I just hope to find an agent who likes it, too.  Here's hoping that happens in 2010, because I am going to make a real effort at finding that agent.

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