Thursday, December 3, 2009


I’m such a procrastinator.

We’re leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow morning (flight leaves at 6:30am, we should be at the airport by 4:30-5:00am), and I haven’t done any packing. Well, that’s not totally true. I’ve gathered SOME stuff together, and I started a list. I guess that’s better than nothing.

I also haven’t bought my Christmas Cards, which I had hoped to have mailed by now. Got the letter written (but unprinted – meant to do that last night!) and the addresses all ready, but I’m missing the cards!

I used to be better than this. I used to have everything organized and ready to go. What happened?

I’d like to say writing happened, and in a way it has – this year. But this has been going on the last few years. I told Jim (my husband) last night that we are such procrastinators. And we are. One of us shouldn’t be. But I don’t want that one to be me!

One thing I have noticed about myself and procrastination. I always started a lot of projects that never got finished. Sewing, crocheting, and organizing photos, to name a few, leaving piles of crap laying about waiting to be completed. But writing isn’t one of those things. I not only started to write a book, I finished it. And I not only finished it, I edited it (and I’m still editing it). And I’m not only editing that book, I started writing another. There’s no sign of procrastination when it comes to my writing. I found something I enjoy all the steps of.

With my other projects, I just wanted the end result. I never really cared for the process to get there. It was a chore. I enjoy the whole process of writing. Thus, it gets done, where my other projects sit in various corners waiting to be completed.


Joanne said...

Sounding like a true writer indeed! It's amazing how once you start, it does become a part of your life. Enjoyed browsing here!

Stacy McKitrick said...

That's so cool - an actual comment. Thanks Joanne. You made my day!