Monday, December 21, 2009


Even during the holidays and writing, I do read.  Every day at work, during lunch, I read.  I usually have a book in my purse, because there comes a time when I'm sitting around waiting - so I read.  So in the process of all that reading, I decided to start documenting it, because frankly, I forget.  How many books did I read this year?  I can't remember, but I know it's a lot!  So, maybe I can use this to track my reading.  And if you want to tell me what you've read, help yourself.  Maybe I'll find a new author (as if my TBR pile isn't big enough).

Anyway, the current book in process (started last Thursday) is "Dexter by Design" by Jeff Lindsay.  I read the first three Dexter books and enjoyed them.  Got my husband to read them, too (well, he's currently reading book 3).  We got hooked on the series, and when I saw they were based on books, well... That's how I came to find the Sookie books by Charlaine Harris (by watching "True Blood") - and I've read all of them already.

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