Monday, December 28, 2009

Where I Write (Sometimes)

Sometimes I amaze myself at where I can write. I apparently don’t need it to be quiet when I write something new (editing is something entirely different, though).

Yesterday the Steelers played at 1pm. The same time as the Bengals. Therefore, it wasn’t on our TV at home. That meant going to Buffalo Wild Wings (a favorite place of ours) to watch the game (since we didn’t sign up for the NFL package). On these days, the place is packed with Steelers fans and it gets noisy. Now, I enjoy the game, but I don’t have to actually watch everything. Most of the time I’m bored (too much talking – which you can’t hear – and too many commercials). So I brought my laptop to write.

That’s right – I wrote at B-Dubs. And I wrote over 1,000 words. This wasn’t the first time I’ve done it, either. I’m discovering that white noise can be a great thing. Now I don’t mind spending 4-5 hours there when I know I can sit back and write (and not feel guilty, either).

By the way – the Steelers won (yea). Play-off hopes are still alive (barely).


Kristi said...

Ok, I have to admit it...that's impressive!!! I too love the white noise but I'm not sure I could manage a sports bar like B-dubs! By the way - I LOVE the cheese fries good yet so very bad!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Yes Kristi, the cheese fries are good. So I stay away from them. Of course, I've been very bad this holiday season. Must get back to eating correctly or I'll pay for it.

I do get comments when I'm writing at B-Dubs. They are as amazed as I am that I can actually write there. Maybe I'm just good at living in my own little world. And as long as the game is on, my husband doesn't expect conversation.