Sunday, August 22, 2010


I’m a bit frazzled.

I used to have a lot of free time on my hands. And I spent most of it watching TV. It was easy – and I could eat at the same time (and get fat doing it) – but it could be boring, too. I read, but I was in such a hole I only delegated reading to a couple of authors.

Then my daughter introduced me to “Twilight”. After devouring all those books (numerous times), I went searching for more authors to read (while I still love Stephen King and Dean Koontz, they just don’t write fast enough for me). I found Meg Gardiner, who led me to Tess Gerritsen, who led me to, which led me to a slew of other authors I’ve come to enjoy. My daughter has even introduced me to several more.

Then a funny thought entered my brain. Could I write? I really loved the love story in “Twilight”. I wanted to read more stories like that. Why couldn’t I write one?

Enter the world of writing (timestamp: April 2009).

Since then, I don’t want to watch so much TV. Why? Because it keeps me from writing.

I have more books to read, but now less time to read. Why? Because it keeps me from writing.

I used to enjoy being BUSY at work. A boring day was a long day. But once I started to fill up my idle-time with writing, I hated being busy at work. You know why!

Now, life is getting in the way and it shouldn’t. I wish I knew how to balance my time better. When I get behind the “wheel” of my laptop, time flies by. At least I am aware of this and know when NOT to write (like before I leave for work – if I did that, I’d be late everyday). I’m also learning to keep an eye on the clock better (especially when I have to, like I am as I write this blog).

All I want to do is write or read or take classes for writing. Unfortunately, I have to take time to work, eat and sleep, too. I do set aside some time for my family. But I keep hearing the laptop call my name when I’m not on it writing (or doing writing activities). How can I get it to shut up? And should I bother?

Maybe frazzled is a good thing. It sure beats boring.

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