Thursday, August 5, 2010

New England - Beautiful

Yesterday we managed to make it back to the States without any incident. It even stayed dry.

I think the best part of our trip was driving through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Very beautiful. Lots of mountains and trees. Lots of greenery. We actually made it to Bangor and took a picture of the Paul Bunyan statue. Whenever I get around to downloading my camera, I’ll have to see about posting some pictures (or at least put them on Facebook). I’m terrible when it comes to taking pictures and worse when it comes to downloading them.

After Bangor, we drove to Belfast (on the coast) and had ourselves lobster for dinner. We sat outside and had a nice view of the ocean. Very pretty. Weather was perfect. Couldn’t ask for anything better!

Today, we drove down the coast of Maine (starting point Augusta). We took US-1 (instead of the interstate), hoping to see the ocean. Didn’t happen. Guess I was spoiled living in California. When you drive the coast of California, you actually see the ocean!

We drove through lots of little towns packed full of people. Don’t know what the draw is, since we never really saw much water. I guess people just like to shop (of which I am not one). The day was overcast and by the time we decided to head on up to the Interstate, the sky decided to open up and saw fit to drop gallons of water all at once (thankfully, we had put the top up on the car by then!). And of course it happened on the part of the road that was newly paved and not painted. Very tough driving when you can’t see the lanes.

Guess we should consider ourselves lucky that it's only rained on two of our vacation days (and toward the end of them, at that).  Most of the time the weather has been perfect for our convertible.

While I’m enjoying my vacation, I’m not getting much writing done.  No writing yesterday or today, although I am getting ideas for future scenes jotted down, so there’s that (meaning: writing will come easier once I have time to actually sit and write). Vacation only reinforces why I don’t want to work anymore! But it pays for the bills and the vacations. Must keep telling myself that.


Linda Leszczuk said...

New England is my idea of heaven. Summers as a kid mean a trip to York Beach in Maine. Still my favorite beach, although the water never gets warm. Glad you're enjoying the trip. Think how much writing you'll get done when you get home with your batteries all re-charged.

Piedmont Writer said...

I was born in Rhode Island and to me it's one of the best places in New England. You're really only an hour or two away from everything: beaches, mountains, Boston, NYC. I'm glad you're having a good time. Ah, lobster!

Stacy McKitrick said...

PW - We spent the night in Coventry, RI. My husband's uncle & cousin live in Warwick, thus the planned stop.

Linda - I sure hope my batteries are all re-charged, too. But I'm certainly not looking forward to going home (and work)!