Monday, October 18, 2010

Christmas Letters

Do you like receiving Christmas letters (or Christmas form letters)?

Yeah, I know – Halloween isn’t even here yet. What’s this about Christmas letters! Well, I’ll tell you.

Every year I’ve sent out a letter with our Christmas cards (yes, one of those form letters). Of course, I usually wait until the last minute to compose one. This year I’m wondering if I want to send one out at all.

You see, one family member requested I no longer send the letter to her. She fell on bad times and didn’t appreciate hearing about how good our life was (well, I wasn’t about to share the bad/sad parts of our life – it is a Christmas letter – good cheer and all that).

I know I shouldn’t let one person spoil it for everyone else, but since I never received any feedback before that one, I’m now wondering if everyone feels the same.

Do you send out Christmas letters? What information do you share? And is there a way to share without sounding like you’re bragging? This inquiring mind wants to know!



Linda Leszczuk said...


I like sending out Christmas letters and getting them. But you do need to find a good balance. I try never to do the "woe is me" no matter what has happened during the year. I've gotten some of those and they're depressing. On the flip side is the annual brag sheet (usually about the children) - those are just insufferable.

I include births, deaths, moves, job changes, major vacations if we've had one, and grandkid updates - how old they are and what they're into. Mostly my letters are short blurbs of news stuffed in around lots of pictures. This is the main reason I like Christmas letters - the pictures. Not just getting them or sending them but being able to throw them away afterwards. I always have trouble throwing our nice snapshots, even when I have to interest in keeping them. But a Christmas problem.

I'd say do your Christmas letter if you enjoy it and just skip that one family member.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Hi Linda!
Good idea about the pictures. I'll have to think about that.

Yeah, I hate those "woe is me" letters, too. That's why I don't include the bad stuff. Besides, we only share the bad news with a select few (those people we actually keep in constant contact with).

Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.