Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ahh, Fall

Yesterday I mowed the lawn, probably for the last time until Spring. No, not probably, for certain. And while I mowed, I felt a bit sad as I shivered (the high yesterday was 42). Summer is really over. Dag blast it!

Today, I took care of the rest of the yard work. I hate edging, but it was needed. Shovelling snow (Argh!) is easier when the edge of the grass is even. Man, I hate even having to think of snow.

The only good thing about this weekend's yard work was that I wasn't pestered with bugs. The first freeze pretty much did away with everything - no mosquitoes, no bees, no wasps. Saw a stray fly, but that was about it. It's the ONLY thing I like about the cold months.

It's times like this that I wish we could have afforded to live in Calfornia when my husband retired from the Army. I miss the temperate weather. I miss Santa Barbara. But at the time, our family came first, and that meant living somewhere we could afford. And while we had family in the Dayton area at the time, and we were close to a military facility, it was the best choice for us. It was the affordable choice.

Maybe someday we'll move back to California. Who knows, maybe we'll win the lottery! It's something I hope for everyday, just so I can quit my job and write full time. Until then, I need to prepare for the winter. There was a time when I liked the snow. Can't remember when that was, though!


Linda Leszczuk said...

Can't agree with you on this one. We were stationed in LA for six years and I missed the change of seasons. When October came and nothing happened I found it so depressing. And Christmas lights on Yucca plants did not work for me. I need my four seasons - just about the time I get sick of one, along comes another.

Anne Gallagher said...

I wanted to mow my grass for the last time two weeks ago but we got hit by a tornado and I have about two inches of branches all over the yard. Perhaps if I feel up to it (the weather is supposed to really warm up in the next few days) I might get out and pick them up. But I hate mowing the grass so it's probably looking like next year.

I would totally love 80 degree weather all year long. If I wanted snow I could always go home for Christmas.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Linda, I guess when you are raised in that type of environment (like I was), you don't miss the 4 seasons, since you didn't have them to begin with!

Ann, So sorry about the tornado. Hopefully no one was hurt. But I know what destruction wind can do. Luckily I live in a fairly new neighborhood, so the trees are young and not as big! I don't have to rake yet, either (another task I'm not looking forward to). Sometimes I really wonder what we were thinking when we moved to Ohio!

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