Saturday, November 20, 2010

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Tonight our Wayne Warriors (high school football team) play in the Regional Final. I was hoping the day would be a little warmer than it is, but that's November weather for you. We'll still be at the game, rooting for them, hoping to make it to the next level. At least it's not raining - we do have that going for us!

And in case you were wondering - we do not have any children in high school. The youngest graduated in 2003. But with both kids in the band, we went to all the games and got hooked.

This team reminds me of the 1999/2000 team. Winning when we thought they were done. Making each game exciting (or is that nerve wracking?). That team made it to the State Champion game. We can only hope this one does the same. I don't think I would mind driving to Canton on Dec 4th.

I'll keep you posted.

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