Monday, December 27, 2010

Goals Accomplished

Since September, I belonged to a Yahoo! Group called “100 Day Challenge.” It was to help me accomplish goals I set to have completed by the end of the year. One of those goals was to finish crocheting a tablecloth I promised my friend for Christmas LAST YEAR!

Well, thanks to that group, I was able to accomplish that goal (and most of the others I set). Sometimes it helps to tell other people your goals – it certainly motivated me to get them accomplished. Anyway, I wanted to post some pictures of that tablecloth, because I am pretty proud of how it turned out.

I would have posted these sooner, but it was a Christmas present for my dear friend, so I didn’t want to spoil the surprise (and I believe she was surprised when she opened it on Christmas day!).

The top photo is a full shot. I tried to get some of the detail on the bottom photo.

Eighty some rows, and many hours later (those last ten rows alone took about three hours each!) I finally finished it. Maybe if I had set this goal last year, she would have gotten the gift when promised. But better late than never, I guess. I'm glad to have finished this project and will probably NEVER crochet another tablecloth (and to think I wanted to make a larger one for myself - not anymore).


Jessica Hill said...

This is so pretty, and I love that color. I bet your friend was excited about it! :)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Yes, she was excited, considering she was the one who picked the color and the pattern. But I also think she gave up on me. It was nice surprising her, although I don't think I'll make another promise for such a huge project again! I definitely bit off more than I could chew on this one (crocheting the same thing over & over is not only boring, but cramps up your hand!).

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

It is beautiful - you did a nice job!

Jennette said...

It's beautiful! No wonder it took you two years. I tried to learn to crochet; never could get into it - takes too long for gratification. So I write novels? LOL. Congrats on finishing! What a lovely gift

Stacy McKitrick said...

Thanks for the compliments. I think it turned out pretty good myself.

Jennette - I prefer to write novels, too. I think my crocheting days are just about over.