Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everyone. May your resolutions (if you made any) last longer than a week!

I’m fiddling with a resolution. Not so much a resolution, but a decision. It’s a decision I made in 2005, and stuck with for many years (that was until I changed jobs in 2009). It’s a decision that needs to be made again.

I did it right in 2005. I took baby steps to get healthy. So, I will take baby steps again. I will go to the gym – the place I had extended my membership (paid in full!) three months before my last visit. Even if it’s just to walk on the treadmill for twenty minutes and maybe do a few weight lifts (on the light side). I need to get back into shape, but I need to do it slowly (that really is the key).

I liked feeling healthy. I liked how my clothes fit then. I liked how my body didn’t ache when I woke up in the morning! I want that feeling back (plus, I’m cheap and don’t want to buy new clothes). It will take time, and patience (ack!), and persistence. But I can do this. I know, because I did it before.

So on Tuesday, I will shake the dust off my bag, find my workout clothes, make sure my iPod shuffle is charged, and head on over to the gym after work. If I’m smart, I won’t go home first. I know that first step will be the hardest. I’ve been away too long and the place will be busy (as it always is at the first of the year). But I also know that first step will be the most important.

And why Tuesday? Actually, my plan is to go on Tuesdays & Thursdays (see, very small baby steps). My husband teaches those nights and won’t be home anyway. I know it shouldn’t matter if he’s home or not, but if that’s what it takes for me to start, then that’s what I’ll use.

So wish me luck (‘cause I’m sure I’ll need it) and I’ll let you know how I do. Maybe telling the world (although I’m sure the world’s not reading, but they COULD) is the kick in the butt I need.


Anne Gallagher said...

Here's a kick in the butt for both of us. I stopped walking when the weather got cold. Poor excuse. But as soon as Monster Baby goes back to school on Monday (yay!!) I'll be right back at the park, mittens, hat and scarf, braving the cold so I can fit into my old clothes too. (I'm also cheap. I have such nice clothes, I miss them.)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Hi Anne! Here's to both of us getting healthy in 2011. We. Can. Do. It.

Jessica Hill said...

One of my goals this year is to get more fit, again. And, I agree, taking baby steps is the important part.

Good luck to you! :)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Thank you, Jessica! Let's work at making 2011 a fit one!

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

Good Luck to you Stacy. My classes give me a workout. TOday it was a twelve minute walk from the parking lot to the classroom with a 60 pound backpack (Not kidding - all my books weight 60 pounds)then 12 min walk back to car. Tues and Thurs involves way more walking wednesday about the same.