Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Did It!

I took that first step today and made it to the gym (and noticed my last visit there was Sept 2009 – ugh!). And you know what? I feel great!

I was surprised the place wasn’t busy. I mean, I only had to wait for one machine – a miracle! I walked for 20 minutes (over 1 mile), then I used the leg machines (some of the weights were probably too light, so I’ll have to adjust for next time), then I used the dumbbells, making sure I used light weights. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I hope I didn’t overdo it! It’s hard to tell on the first day.

I forgot how great I felt after going, though. So, I’ll probably not have any problems going on Thursday.

I’m on the road to building muscle and I’m happy!!!


Anne Gallagher said...

Go you. I know I said I would start walking but...I know I know any excuse. (Actually, I do have a good one, arthritis in my back and if I'm outside in the cold for too long I can't move for days after.)

But I promise, once the weather turns, I'm with you. Hey, does walking up and down the stairs all day doing housework count as aerobics?

Linda Leszczuk said...

Good for you!

Jessica Hill said...

Good for you! I always feel better when I exercise reguarly, too. It's amazing what a difference it makes.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Anne - using the stairs often certainly can't hurt. And I've heard housework also burns lots of calories!

Thanks for the cheers, ladies. I really appreciate it!