Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goals That Aren't Working

I’ve been bad.

I’ve tried setting weekly goals for myself. Not only in writing, but in exercising, too. Seems the only goals I’m interested in pursuing is the writing ones.

I know I need to exercise. I loved going to the gym when I worked closer to home. I have tried going back, and for the most part, I’ve gone. But two nights a week really isn’t doing much. I’d probably go more often if it didn’t take me over 40 minutes to get home (compared to the 15 I used to drive). And tonight took an hour – ugh!

My kids have moved out, so you would think I had lots of free time to write, but I think we spend more quality time with them now watching DVDs one night a week with each (Buffy & Angel with my daughter, Home Improvement with my son). And what is one night a week for them, is actually two nights for me. If I got home sooner, I could go to the gym and be home in plenty of time (also give them time to go home and do whatever it is they do). The operative word being "could" – whether or not I would do it, is another thing!

I’m not blaming them. I love spending time with them and I'm thrilled they spend time with me. I just hate my commute. Wish I didn’t have to work at all (but then, don’t we all?).

Now it’s gotten so I don’t even want to bother with the two days I do go to the gym. And this week I blew it off completely. I’m so engrossed in my WIP (so close to the end) and those two days are the two days I have the house to myself (husband teaches at night). I get so much written when there isn’t anyone to talk to (or be talked to, if you know what I mean). It’s bad enough I lose 40 minutes (or, rather 25, since I was losing 15 before), I don’t want to lose another hour at the gym.

Am I an obsessed writer or a fed up employee? I think a lot of the first and a little of the second.

Is there something in your life you obsess with that keeps you from doing what you should do? How do you manage to get the things you should do, done?


Jemi Fraser said...

Commutes suck. I'm glad I live in a small town where I've never had a commute longer than 15 minutes - and that seemed forever :)

I think obsessed writers are the only kind so that's probably it!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Thanks for commenting, Jemi. Commutes do suck and I know it could be worse (Dayton's not really considered a big city). Guess I should consider myself lucky. Maybe once the construction is finished, the drive will be quicker. I can only hope!

Anne Gallagher said...

If you are an obsessed writer (like me) then write. Especially if you have only the ending left to go. I'm currently waiting for the weather to break (excuse #1) so I can get back out to the track at the park. I also have a lot of yardwork (excuse #2) to do before I can do anything else. And the house is a disaster (excuse #3). Nothing is more important to me right now than my writing. My fat arse can wait a couple more weeks.

Jennette said...

I can so relate, Stacy! It's that much harder to motivate oneself to exercise when it takes that big a chunk out of your evening (i.e., writing time). In my case, especially if it's something I don't enjoy doing - exercise. I gave up on the gym a long time ago. I slipped off the workout wagon a good while back, but got back on with things I can do at home. Not having to waste the extra time driving helps.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Anne, I love your excuses - I think they're mine! Except for the yardwork (the grass isn't exactly growing right now and my husband takes care of the rest).

Jennette, Problem is, I liked going to the gym. I just don't like the amount of time I spend there (and once I'm there, I stay because, well, I'm there!). I've tried exercising at home. It don't happen!

Thanks for commenting. Nice to know I've got supporters out there :)