Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hockey & The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Does the NHL (National Hockey League) seem to have the longest season of all the sports? The season starts in October and goes all the way into June (when you include the playoffs).

But when you love the sport, the season doesn't last long enough, does it?

I became a fan when my daughter did. Maybe I was looking for something to have in common with her. Hockey never interested me before, that's for sure. But once I started watching it, and understood the rules and calls, I got hooked. Well, hooked on one team – The Pittsburgh Penguins.

It's hard to love a sport when you can't find them on television, though. Going to the games can get expensive (even one game is expensive!), so I have to rely on Versus or NBC. Unfortunately, they don't always air the Penguins games, even during the playoffs.

Doesn't seem fair. If it's between Washington DC vs the NY Rangers game or the Penguins vs Tampa Bay game, why the heck wouldn't Versus show the closer of the two? Pittsburgh is closer to Dayton than DC or NYC. So frustrating! I'm glad has the details, but it just isn't the same as watching it live (and that's nothing compared to actually going to a game – I love the energy there!).

So, are you a fan of the game?

Go Pens!

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