Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I Read Last Week & Pictures of Halloween Decorations

Happy Halloween!! Before I get to what I read last week, here are some pictures to put you into the mood for the holiday. If you click on them, they will enlarge and you can see the detail a little better. These houses are located on the corner of Main & Maple Streets in Fairborn, Ohio.

Now, on to what I read last week:

Oct 25: "Seducing the Vampire" by Michele Hauf. I had been avoiding vampire romances because I write them, but realized, wait a minute, I'm not writing one now! So, I'm back to reading them. This one goes back and forth between 1785 and present day, and at first it kind of confused me (not for long, though), and then I got caught up in the story (it was hard to put down). It was kind of genius how she wrote this. Two stories, two goals, one man. I gave this 5 stars on Goodreads.

Oct 26: "Forever Vampire" by Michele Hauf. Yep, I started this the day I finished the previous book and finished it the next day. This book deals with the offspring of the characters from the previous book (so it has to be thirty years in the future, but seems like present day – at least technologically speaking). I enjoyed it (apparently, I read it fast enough), but I liked the characters in the previous book better. I gave this 4 stars on Goodreads.

Only two books completed this week, because I've been more engrossed in editing Book #4. I think I'm motivated to get it finished so I can give it to people to read (again). I want to start querying!!! Yeah, I'm nuts like that.

Here are some more pictures of decorations. Foy's is a store in Fairborn (they have like 4 shops) and they're really big this time of year, as you can see.

I would have posted more, but Blogger was being a slow pain. Thought I should quit while I was ahead. Hope you have a spooky day!




Maria Zannini said...

Wow. Some people go all out. I like to see the decorations and the little bitty kids go on their first trick or treat.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - I like to see the little ones trick or treating, too. They were out last night, with the wind and cold, even! Some very interesting costumes!