Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Brings a New Writing Project (and Baseball!)

Well, the writing bug has hit again and I’ve started Book 7, in which I’ve tentatively entitled GHOSTLY INTERLUDE (this one follows a character introduced in GHOSTLY LIAISON). It’s about a woman who is being possessed by a ghost, but doesn’t realize it, and the man she hires to help her. I know, thin, but that’s about all I know about it now. Hello! Pantser here!

I posted what I thought would be the beginning of the story HERE (an opening I wrote on the spur of the moment for a fun assignment) and sure enough, it is! Well, there were some minor changes, but for the most part, that’s the beginning of my book. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Just because I’m writing, doesn’t mean I’m not editing. Book 6 (BLIND TEMPTATION), is nowhere near finished, but I find I can only edit for so long and then I’m really zoned out. That’s why I started the new project. Apparently the writing side of my brain doesn’t have that zoning-out kind of problem! Whew!

I find it interesting that I’m starting another book now (so close to April). I began writing the last four books in April. Heck, the first book I ever wrote was 5 years ago in April! I’m beginning to think it has something to do with spring! J

Now my only choice each day is whether to write first and then edit or edit first and then write. Yesterday I wrote first. Didn’t get much editing in, but then I don’t do all that much writing/editing on the weekend as it is (especially when I remember I want to write a post for my blog--oops!). But I’m thinking I better edit first. I really want BLIND finished so I can give it to another reader.
And then there are these two other projects that will take precedence over everything--you know, those that Lyrical/Kensington will be publishing (hee hee). Still haven’t heard from my editor, but then the contracts were just delivered on Friday (USPS isn’t exactly speedy, even with priority mail!). I expect it won’t be long before I’m knee deep into those edits.

Busy, busy, huh? But I’m loving it!

I’m going to my first Dayton Dragons baseball game of the season this week! Yay! Yes, it really IS spring! I just hope I don’t freeze out there. Even though the temp’s supposed to be in the sixties, that’s still not exactly toasty warm, you know? I’ll just make sure to take a blanket (or three).

So…What event tells YOU it’s spring?




JeffO said...

Good for you for getting a new project underway! I hope it goes well!

Water rising in the basement drains--that's how we know it's spring around here.

The Happy Whisk said...

An exciting Monday post. What great choices to pick from, write first or edit first? Edit first or write first?

Love it.

We had snow over the weekend but it was a weird day. Friday night we heard the first peeper. All alone.

Saturday, we woke to spring, then it rained, then it was mud and it ended with a full blown snow storm.

Hello spring.

That's all from me. Headed to the doctors soon for a crack. You have a groovy day and again, I love reading all about your writing adventures.

So flippin' cool.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - No rising basement drains, just the sump pump. Rain keeps it busy and also manages to find it's way inside, too.

Ivy - Glad I can enterain you! :)Yeah, we had snow this weekend, too. Ugh! I think it's gone for good now, though. At least I HOPE so!!

Maria Zannini said...

Spring is heralded by two things: the garden and my insatiable desire to open up the house and deep clean all the closets, window coverings, and rugs.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - Can't say I have a desire to clean (haha), but I am eagerly awaiting when I can open the windows and get some fresh air without freezing my you-know-what off! :)

Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow, spring is a great writing time for you! Actually, me too. The sun must energize us. LOL

Sandra Cox said...

Who's your Kensington editor?

I've taken a new approach to the draft I'm working on. I edit a chapter, pump up my draft, write then start all over again:)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennifer - I'd agree about the sun part, except I'm still waiting to see it on a regular basis! Haha! :)

Sandra - My editor is Paige Christian, and she's great!!