Monday, October 13, 2014

Disappointing Weekend—Sports-wise

While sitting in the rain Friday night watching our Wayne Warriors easily beat the Kettering Fairmont Firebirds (and keeping their number 1 status in Division I Region 2), I should have known the weather was a sign of things to come. If only that win by Wayne could have propelled our other teams to win.

The poor Frozen Jillademons (which was what my daughter called their Footy team since it comprised of the Minnesota Freeze, Columbus Jillaroos, and Boston Demons) had a rough go of it this weekend at Nationals. Three games and they scored a total of one point. Yep. One point. My daughter plays defense and she definitely got knocked around—a lot.

The Columbus Jackaroos played better. Won their three games and made it to the finals. Then promptly forgot how to play! What the?

The Los Angeles Dragons are Division II champs this year. They looked it, too. ***heavy sigh***

We had a break between games, so my husband hunted down a radio station and listened to the Steelers game. Yeah, he shouldn’t have bothered. Were the Steelers actually playing? We’re thinking not. We were kind of glad to leave that game behind at halftime to watch the Jackaroos (until the Jackaroos lost, that is).

On the way home, I noticed the Cincinnati Bengals were winning (I am finding some GOOD uses for my iPhone), but the Carolina Panthers were close to either tying it or winning it—with only six seconds left of the game. We found a radio station. Game went into OT. Bengals had a chance to win it with six seconds left of OT. The distance wasn’t all that long. Game ended in a tie. Ugh!

Guess I should be glad the OSU Buckeyes didn’t play this weekend. My Rams play tonight against their (my) rivals, the 49ers. Here’s hoping for a nice surprise ending to a disappointing weekend.

In some GOOD sporting news… The Penguins are undefeated. Yeah, baby! J

So… How was your weekend? Did you go out and do things? After Friday’s constant rain, the weekend turned out fairly nice, although a bit on the windy/chilly side. I even ended up getting a bit of sunburn on my face.



JeffO said...

The Steelers' defense has fallen far from the Steel Curtain days, I'm afraid. I'm not a serious football fan, but I eyeball things once in a while, and it looks like they give up a lot of big plays and a lot of long drives. Sorry your daughter's team took a beating. I imagine it's tough trying to mash three teams together as one cohesive unit for a tournament like that. Better luck next time!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - It also didn't help that the ONLY experienced player on the Columbus portion of the team was my daughter (everyone else had been playing less than a year). And, of course, the first team they played against (Denver) went on to win the Women's division. Talk about tough women! Whew! :)

Jennette Marie Powell said...

We went house hunting for a student rental near our daughter's university. Great weather for that, and my husband was happy to have that to do with no sports worth watching on! It wore the dog out too, which meant DH got to sleep LOL.

Michael Seese said...

I did a Cub Scout campout in 28 degree weather.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - You make it sound like Isis keeps your poor hubby awake! I can't imagine your cute little puppy doing THAT! Haha! :)

Michael - It was 28 degrees up there? Yikes. But hey, any time the Scouts go out camping it's either cold or rainy or snowy. At least that's what happened whenever my son's Troup went out. :)

The Spooky Whisk said...

Sorry that your teams mostly blew chunks.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - Thanks for the smile! :)