Friday, January 30, 2015

Got Any Questions for Me?

I thought about what to post last night and came up blank. Not unusual. That happens to all of us, right?

Anyway, as I sit here this morning, waiting for my new garage door to be installed today, I thought maybe I should put you readers to work.

So let's make it Q&A day today. Got a question for me? Put it in the comments and I'll answer it. But, if it's a question that  requires a long answer, I'll write up a blog post for Monday (and thank you sooooo much for making my job easier).

So... fire away.



The Happy Whisk said...

My husband would like to know what your husband, thinks about the porn picture, that now on both of our blogs?

Happy Sunday.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy -- I'm laughing because that's what he called my first cover. But now he says he's gotten used to seeing all my covers that he doesn't have anything to say about it. Heck, he displays my covers at his work! And he tells people about my book all the time (two people ended up wanting my autograph--can you believe that?). Ain't he the sweetest?

The Happy Whisk said...

Yes, you've got a keeper there. Very sweet. Love that.

Autograph? So fun. So very, very fun.