Friday, January 16, 2015

Questions for YOU

Yesterday I was all excited about a fix on a scene my editor commented about and then realized the fix would only work if something ELSE had happened earlier. Like two chapters earlier. Yep, I had to write a brand new scene. Not only a scene, a SEX scene.

I don’t know about you, but those things are harder to write than action scenes.

Well, I got it written. Yep, it’s a first draft. But at least it’s WRITTEN! Yay! Still, it looks like I’ll be going over that sucker several more days. So much for thinking I was almost done…

Because of all that, I’m kind of on the dry-side of things to write about, so how about I ask you some questions and you answer in the comments (I got this brilliant idea from another blog I visited—although my questions are different).

1. What did you watch on your television last night?

2. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

3. What was the last movie you saw in a theatre?

4. How old were you when you were kissed “romantically” for the first time?

And my answers?
1) Supernatural Season 8 (Watching the DVD series with my daughter).
2) I haven’t eaten it yet, but I’m sure it will be Wheat Chex.
3) Into the Woods.
4) 10 (The boy across the street pretty much tackled me on a neighbor’s lawn and kissed me. Well, more like slobbered. I didn’t even think he liked me! I certainly didn’t like him.)

Your turn!

Happy Friday!!



B.E. Sanderson said...

Yay for getting that scene written! That's the most important part. You'll polish it up nice, I'm sure.

1) Biggest Loser and then Rehab Addict
2) I haven't eaten yet either, and I'm not sure when I finally do, it'll be breakfast. Ooo, we have leftover pizza!
3) Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (yes, it's been that long since I was in a theater.)
4) Fifteen - he kissed like a gagging goldfish

Stacy McKitrick said...

B.E. - If I had leftover pizza, I might have had that for breakfast. Instead, I DID have the Wheat Chex. As for #4... Have you ever kissed a gagging goldfish??? :)

dolorah said...

1. caught up on Gotham series and then watched first two episodes of Helix.
2. Haven't eaten yet, so it will have to be lunch. Soon, now I'm hungry.
3. Saw Gone Girl in the theater. I really want to see the last Hobbit movie before it leaves town.
4. first serious kiss? 16, from one of my best friends. Sweet.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Stacy, THOSE scenes are much harder to write than action, because if we romance writers want to do them well, they're really all about emotion--and THAT'S the hardest thing to write, IMO. Good on you for recognizing what was needed and jumping in to do it! As for the questions, here's how boring I am:
1) Jeopardy
2) Vanilla protein shake
3) I can't remember, it's been so long
4) 13

The Happy Whisk said...

Ghost Adventures, soup, not sure, but probably something with super heroes, and I don't recall the age but I do remember something about teeth.

Do you have gross prizes for us? Maybe a couple of dead rats or a few rotten pieces of cheese?

Stacy McKitrick said...

Donna - I still have to get caught up on the Gotham series!

Jennette - You can't remember that last movie you saw in the theatre? Must have been one unmemorable night, huh? :)

Ivy - If you want those prizes, they're yours! RE: Kiss... Teeth, huh? Ouch!

The Happy Whisk said...

Yes, I fancy fun and gross prizes if you're gonna make me answer questions and talk about teeth.

Stacy McKitrick said...

I'll keep that in mind the next time. Although... fun and gross don't always go together in MY book! :)

JeffO said...

Ah, revisions.

1. Nothing.
2. Cinnamon raisin bagel w/cream cheese and coffee, coffee, coffee.
3. I think it was 'Frozen' last winter.
4. Too old.

Robin M said...

1. What did you watch on your television last night? Nothing

2. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Triple Berry Oatmeal Crisp and a cup of coffee.

3. What was the last movie you saw in a theatre? The first part of The Hobbit, I think.

4. How old were you when you were kissed “romantically” for the first time? 15??? First kiss ever from a non-family member though I was in grade 2 :D.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - "Too old"! I love it. :)

Robin - I remember a playground buddy around that age. We said we would get married to each other. But he never kissed me. Wonder what would have happened if I hadn't moved away? Ah... probably nothing. Haha!