Friday, March 6, 2015

A Freebie, Pictures, and More Diary Fun

I tend to check out my books on Amazon and B&N, mainly to see if I’ve gotten any more reviews (I haven’t) or to see where they rank in sales (poorly)—yeah, I’m into that self-torture thing. But this week I discovered something:  My Sunny Vampire is free for Kindle and Nook. So…if you haven’t bought it yet, now would be a good time. And if you HAVE bought it and loved it (and why wouldn’t you, huh??), maybe you could tell your friends about it? Can’t get any better than free, right?
Okay, enough with the promotion. Well, except you can click HERE to buy it on Amazon and HERE to buy it at B&N. Now I’m done!


I took some pictures of the sump pump hose that broke outside. It had gotten colder out (and snowed again) and the ground isn’t as mushy (because it froze), so I didn’t fear for my shoes by walking out there again.

This picture shows the white pipe separated and how I wedged it against the window well. I still think if someone nudged it, it will pop back up.

This picture shows the trench the water made. That was NOT there before this incident. Between the rush of water and the soft ground, it made quite a mess (yes, we have a fairly powerful sump pump).


I had fun last week posting stuff I found from my journals, so I’m gonna do it again. This entry was written on June 20, 1973 (I was 15):

Yesterday I bought Mom a pair of pants for her birthday. Tomorrow I get to buy a bathing suit. (if I’m lucky to find one that fits) You know, the only reason I think I write in here is for someone to read it. Like the kids I might have and the husband (if I can get lucky & unshy). The first kid I have is going to be a boy. (Just thought I’d throw all of this in) Well, today is the hottest day yet. If I had a bathing suit, I’d go to the beach and get red. I don’t tan easy. Oh well I’m going to write a letter now. Bye.

P.S. Rick, are you as hot as I am? Probably, huh? Remember—I like YOU!!!

I really like my predictions about my firstborn. I DID have a boy. Somewhere in one of these journals I mentioned his name (which is also correct—so happy I got my way there). I’ll have to find that entry someday. Oh, and MOST of my entries end with a P.S. And yes, all the P.S.s are written for Rick. I had a MAJOR crush on that guy (that lasted for many, many years).

So… Have you seen the trailer for the new Avengers movie? It comes out May 1st. I’ll be watching that one for sure. How about you? If not that one, is there another you’re looking forward to?



The Happy Whisk said...

Yes to seeing the movie, no, I haven't seen the trailer. Love the, ps's and your journal sounds like you. So fun.

And last, but never least, cool beans about the book.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - That's one of the TAME PSs. Maybe next week I'll find a really gushy one. Nothing like making fun of my young self, huh? Haha! :)

Maria Zannini said...

I hope you always keep your journal, and pass it down to your kids/grandkids. It'll show them that grandma wasn't very different from them when she was their age.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - I can NEVER throw them out. It's why I've kept them all these years. The genealogist in me won't let me. :)

JeffO said...

Who decides that your book is free for Kindle and Nook?

Love the parenthetical references in your journal.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - I'm assuming Kensington makes the decision to give my book away. They don't tell me in advance, either. I just always seem to stumble across the deal. As long as it gets readers to buy my other books, it's good, right?