Friday, September 25, 2015

Pictures From My Cruise

I’m surprised I even remembered to download the pictures. Too many strange distractions almost made me forget! You see… I noticed a stink bug crawling on the inside of my French door.

Ugh. I hate those things.

So I got the Raid and sprayed it. It fell on the floor and I covered it with a glass, waiting for the stinker to die. I went back to my laptop and a few minutes later, I noticed two more of those things on the door. I sprayed along the top seam, and then three more crawled out! Aack!

As I mentioned on Facebook: I thought Raid was supposed to kill the bugs, not invite them inside!!!

So my attention was pretty much on those things during the afternoon, just waiting for them to die so I could scoop them up and toss them in the trash. Seems Raid doesn’t kill them very quickly. Kind of cruel, I know, but then they should have stayed outside.

Anyway, I did manage to remember my pictures, so here they are.

We left out of New York City. The day started out beautiful, but turned cloudy/rainy by the time we departed. I really loved that curved building in the middle (might have to click on the picture to enlarge it). Every floor seems to have a patio!

I was surprised at the amount of construction going on.

Nice shot of one of the touring boats sailing by Lady Liberty.

We arrived in Boston two hours late because of a malfunctioning engine (which did get repaired before we docked). We were going to tour Fenway park, but wouldn't have made it in time for the last tour. Bummer! It was a very windy day, though. We just walked around the port instead.

Here's the first lighthouse we visited in Portland, Maine, called the Bug.

No sand on these beaches!

This was the second lighthouse we visited in Portland. This is a picture of my hubby! Walking along those rocks was not easy. Some of the gaps were rather large. But I made it to the end.

Here's a view from the lighthouse. It was quite a trek!

This was the third lighthouse we visited in Portland. Got hubby to take my picture with my camera.

Behind the scenes of the fish market in Portland.


Still in Portland. Apparently, if you love someone and want to lock their love, you purchase a lock, attach it to the fence, and then throw the key away. At least, I THINK that's what it's all about. Teaches me not to listen to the tour guide all the time!

Here's a picture of our room. The balcony rooms are way bigger than the inside cabins. It's even got a couch!

It has a bigger desk area, too. Yeah, we take lots of stuff with us!

This was taken in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is the guard to the Citadel (I believe).

This here is Peggy's Cove. Those rocks are something, aren't they?

Me, at the lighthouse in Peggy's Cove.

This handsome fella played the bagpipes and you could hear him from all over.

On the day we were to arrive at Saint John, New Brunswick, the crew put out the towel creatures around the pool area.

Cool alligator. Or is that a crocodile?

This is the reversing falls in Saint John. You see... the Saint John River (in the distance) flows into the Bay of Fundy. When the tide is low, the river flows into the bay. When the tide is high, the bay will flow back into the river (because the tide in the bay fluctuates way more than the river does--something like a 30" difference). This was taken at low tide, but not at the lowest. During the lowest, I was told these rapids are a lot rougher.

Covered bridge in New Brunswick. Was told that whoever owned the land closest to the covered bridges were responsible for shoveling snow INSIDE the bridge so the sleighs could travel through them.

Bay of Fundy. Those are caves in the distance. During low tide, you can walk to them (and inside them) and not get wet (shows you how much the tide fluctuates here, huh?). The tide was rising when we got there and we couldn't go and visit.

Here's a shot of the reversing falls with the bay flowing back into the river. It was too calm to really see any difference, though. Again, we were a little late. Ah, what can you do? It was a tour.

Our last night on the ship and the moon rose. I thought it was pretty and wasn't sure how well the picture would come out. Not too shabby! You can even see some stars (or maybe they're planets--I can't tell from here).
Overall, we had a great time. I would have liked to have seen some fall colors, but it was warm up there (near 80 on some days). Couldn't have asked for better weather, though.

So… how do you go about killing stink bugs? These were the big diamond-back kind. I would have LOVED to squish them, but I really don’t want to find out why they have that name. You know???

Hope you liked the pics and have a great weekend.



JeffO said...

I'm curious about the size of your ship, because you guys look like you were looking down on everything from the deck--those things are huge.

My wife and I spent about half of our honeymoon in Nova Scotia--what a nice place it was. Great pictures, thanks for sharing them!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

lots of memory moments on this trek. Wish I could of tootled along with ya

The Happy Whisk said...

Tim kills them or our little dog Bug does. Though we try to catch them before she does because once in the belly, they make the dog vomit.

Great pictures. Complete with towel creatures.

Happy Weekend.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - We were on the Carnival Splendor. 952' long. 11 decks high. Holds 3000 guests. It's a biggie, but then I think they all are! The pictures I took from the ship were from the top (except for the moon shot, that was from our balcony on deck 6).

Mac - If I ever take a cruise out of Florida again, I'll let you know!! :)

Ivy - So THAT's why you called her Bug. :)

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I just scoop up stink bugs on a piece of paper and toss them outside.

Your cruise looks wonderful! I would so love to see those places.

Michael Seese said...

There is also a bridge in Paris where you attach a lock and throw away the key. (

Regarding stink bugs, catch them and throw then in a bowl of soapy water.