Friday, February 5, 2016


That sentiment isn’t just because I forgot to write something last night to have posted first thing this morning. Although it could have been, because I pretty much uttered that when I returned from the fitness center this morning (walked 3.25 miles!!) and realized I hadn’t posted anything.

What that sentiment is geared toward is my new laptop: Big Red. Or maybe it’s really geared toward Dell. I’m not happy with either right now.

Yesterday, for the third time since I got this thing, my laptop wouldn’t turn on. I waited 30 minutes (because last time it came on after waiting) and I got the message there wasn’t a hard drive. That did NOT make me a happy camper.

I e-mailed the person who had supposedly “fixed” it the other two times. I have yet to hear back.

Luckily for me, I had errands to run and I was gone for a good part of the day. When I returned home and found I still hadn’t received an e-mail from Dell, I pushed the on button again and low and behold… it came on!

My husband thinks maybe I just shouldn’t turn it off. So I didn’t last night and it seems to be working fine. I still want Dell to do something about this, though. If that means they replace it, then fine. I’ll hate having to adjust everything to the way I have it (because I’m sure I won’t get it all right), but I just hate not being able to trust something I only owned a month.

On scarier news… Yesterday (hmmm… maybe I should have just stayed in bed?) I went outside to get the newspaper. It was still dark (around 6:30am) and it was freezing. I heard some rustling between our house and the neighbor's (there are dead leaves on the ground between our houses). The last couple of days I’ve heard a cat meowing, so I figured it was finally showing himself. Nope.

What I saw instead made my heart race and my feet retreat back to the house. It was none other than a skunk. And he was walking toward me. Oh no!

I backed up to the house and waited while he crossed the street. Feeling it was safe, I headed back to the mailbox to get my paper when the sucker turned around and walked toward me again. That was all I needed to tell me the paper could wait.

This was the first (yes, FIRST) time I’ve ever seen a skunk alive. I hope I never see another.

Oh gee, look. That title could have been for that skunk, too!

Taken in 1986. Bet you can guess where. :)
So… Today is my son’s 34th birthday. Here’s a picture of my little boy, my Alaskan souvenir (we were stationed at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska when he was born). I’m thinking today will be a better day than yesterday. It has to be. It's the day I gave birth to a great guy!

Happy Friday!



Maria Zannini said...

Happy birthday to your son!

Hope that skunk finds another neighborhood. That's too close for comfort.

JeffO said...

Just leaving your laptop on is not a good long-term solution. Hope Dell makes this right.

I've generally found skunks to be pretty inoffensive (aside from the smell) little creatures that just go about their business without giving too much of a you-know-what about people. I like 'em!

Hopefully, your weekend goes better than your last two days!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - Yeah, it was too close. Certainly got my heart pumpin'! :)

Jeff - I hope Dell makes it right, too, but I have YET to hear from them. I may have to send them another e-mail.