Friday, February 12, 2016

Bye Bye, Big Red -- For Now

Dell finally contacted me late Tuesday night. Not in the way I thought they would. They sent me a “canned” e-mail which said my “case” was over 7 days old (it was exactly 7 days old), that it was closed and archived, and that I needed to call them. It took them nearly a WEEK to tell me that? Grrr… Anyway, I called them on Wednesday.

After performing diagnostics on the machine and having them all come up okay (of course it did, it never does the bad things when someone is looking, right?), the tech said it would probably be better if I returned the machine, and would that be okay?

I did notice that every time she had to leave or do something, she would ask if that was okay. Like I’m going to say no, don’t do it? Hmmm…

She also said that they might have to delete all the files and if that would be okay. I said if I had to get a new computer, what’s the difference?

Anyway, I should be receiving an empty box from them sometime today or tomorrow so I can ship Big Red back to them. Which means I need to clean him up a bit (you know, log off on those online sites who keep me logged in all the time, delete sensitive files, oh, and do a full backup). What fun.

In the meantime, I’ve turned on TashaYar (my older HP laptop) so Windows could perform any updates that occurred since December (there were quite a few). I haven’t decided whether or not I want to upgrade TashaYar to Windows 10 yet. Hubby said if I liked it, I can do that. Thing is, I’m not so sure I like Windows 10.

I guess if TashaYar had Windows 8, I wouldn’t hesitate (heck, it would have had Windows 10 on it long before now). But I don’t mind Windows 7. Heck, I liked Vista. Yeah, I know. I’m weird.

I sure hope Big Red comes back all fixed. I do like typing on this laptop. I’m just not fond of all the weird stuff that’s happening.

So… Here’s an out of the blue question: Have you ever tried mush? Hubby tried some last weekend because he’d heard it was good (the waitresses at Bob Evans rave about it). I guess it’s something you have to grow up eating. I didn’t like it (neither did Hubby). We thought it tasted kind of bitter (I expected more of a corn flavor). Guess we’ll just stick to our waffles! Mmmmm… Waffles.

Happy Friday!



JeffO said...

Here's hoping Dell makes it right faster than they told you you had to call them!

Never tried mush. Tried grits, didn't like 'em.

Have a great weekend!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - I've never tried grits, either. That looks like cream of wheat (which I liked as a kid), but I get the feeling it doesn't taste the same. But mush wasn't anything like I thought. What hubby got were fried square-shaped patties. Not mushing-looking at all. Very deceiving. :)

Maria Zannini said...

Sorry to hear about your computer. I hope the next one will be perfect out of the box. Still, that's a lot of hours wasted downloading, saving, and reloading. They never give that back to you.

re: mush
I'll eat oatmeal on days when I just don't want breakfast but need to eat something. That's as close to mush as I get.

If my waistline permitted it, I'd much prefer fresh-from-the-oven croissants. :) Thank God, the best croissant bakery is 300 miles away, otherwise I'd be irresponsible.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I once tried fried mush at the Golden Nugget, where it's supposedly really good. Didn't care for it. I guess my Southern is just too watered down.

Good luck with the computer!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - I expect I'll get my old computer back, but I do hope it will be perfect (finally!). I don't relish getting another laptop all ready to use. And 300 miles for a croissant? Where the heck is this bakery?

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Yeah, I left my southern in the south. :)

Stephanie Faris said...

Life has been much easier since I switched to a Mac. All the parts are made by Apple to work specifically with their software, so fewer chances there will be issues. But I can answer that first question, having worked on a help desk for 13 years. It's automated software. After seven days of no resolution they have it set to automatically close the case. It SHOULD have been set to escalate to someone who knows what they're doing after a day or two. It would have where I worked. We also would have gotten in trouble for leaving someone hanging...but then, doesn't Dell outsource their support overseas now? I think you have to be escalated (have a problem they can't handle) to get an American tech person.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Stephanie - I looked at Macs. I can't imagine a keyboard without a backspace key. That pretty much doomed the brand to me. Haha! At least Big Red isn't going far. Just to Texas.