Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday… Hmmm

I finished reading those books I was judging and now I’m reading something I can talk about. But did I finish that book in time for today’s post? Of course not! So I guess Wednesday Reads WILL return next week for sure (because there’s no way I won’t finish reading at least one book by then).

My Goodreads challenge says I’m 4 books behind. But, since I can’t record those 7 books I judged (yet), I’m actually 3 books ahead. So as long as that behind number doesn’t drop below 7, I’m good!

Snow, snow, snow! It was snowing yesterday morning when I woke up which meant I didn’t go to the fitness center. Guess what it’s still doing. Guess where I didn’t go. Ugh. I really hate missing my exercise routine, but I hate snow more.

So… If you could leave on vacation today and money was no object, where would you go? I’m thinking a cruise, in one of those huge suites, to Jamaica. I’ve never been and hear it’s lovely. Plus, I’d love to be in one of those huge suites!

Happy Reading!



JeffO said...

I'm not sure where I would go, but if I were leaving today, it would involve a beach and the ocean--and it would be warm.

If you're weather's at all like ours, you probably won't be getting to the fitness center much at all this week. Enjoy the break!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - Yep. Beach and warm. That's where I want to be right now! Brrr... it's cold out there! :)

Jennette Marie Powell said...

A cruise sounds great about now! Don't care where, as long as it's warm and not storming.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Yeah, don't want the storming! :)