Friday, July 29, 2016

Another 13 and DVD Series I Own

Hey, look at that. It’s my 13th post of the month and Monday is August. Awesome. Another month with 13 posts. Now, August has 14 M-W-Fs, so I’ll have to miss one if I want to keep that goal…

Oh, lookee there—I’ll be at a convention on Friday the 12th, a perfect day to miss. I love the way this is working out!

Hubby and I have watched all the shows we recorded on the DVR. I still have to watch Gotham with my daughter, though. Before Dragon Con. Hopefully soon. We’re running out of time!

Anyway… Now that we’re done with the DVR, we’re now watching DVDs of series. Hubby picked Big Bang Theory (we’re on Season 5). He wanted to watch something that we’d get through quick, especially since the Olympics start up soon and we tend to watch that. BBT isn’t my favorite, but I can tolerate it. Otherwise, I’d tell him to watch it on his own.

I know you’re asking: What other DVD series do we have to watch? Right now we’re alternating between BBT, Bones, Castle, and NCIS. I’m watching American Horror Story with my son (I don’t have them all yet) and Hubby and I are watching Batman (Adam West) with him, too. We have yet to start on Cosby, The Dick Van Dyke Show (probably watch this with the son), Lost, The Monkees (probably watch this with the son, too), The Partridge Family, Rizzoli & Isles, True Blood (only own the first 5 seasons so far, which Hubby won’t watch), and WKRP in Cincinnati. We’ve already watched Alias, Friends, Get Smart, Home Improvement, Moonlighting, Star Trek (OS), Star Trek (TNG), and Veronica Mars. I started season 1 of Will and Grace and have season 2, but I doubt I’ll ever finish it. That series never really was a favorite of mine and it was a gift.

Whew! Think we have enough? Problem is, I keep finding series I want (like Dark Shadows)! And I’m borrowing from my daughter (Roswell and eventually The X Files).  I know. I need to seek help, huh?

But I’m good. I don’t watch during the day. I save that for writing. And social media-ing. Although I should probably cut some of the social media-ing. But once I’m on Facebook or looking at blogs, I’m hooked. Ugh.

On Monday I should have some pictures to share. I hope anyway. Of what, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to come back and find out, won’t you? J

So… Any of my TV series you wouldn’t mind owning? Do you like watching DVDs of series? If I weren’t so impatient, I’d just wait for the series to come out on DVD and watch it then. No commercials!! No zipping through commercials!! But I’m not that patient. Yet. Although, you’d think I would be since it takes a while to watch them all. **sigh**

Have a great weekend!



Jennette Marie Powell said...

I'm not a big TV-watcher - just don't have time. I do have the first three seasons of Gold Rush, and I've only watched the first. I got into this show a couple years ago, so now the DVDs are my go-to at times when I'm feeling kind of blah and don't want to do anything else.

Maria Zannini said...

Most tv shows are too dated for me to watch again.

That said, we are watching Enterprise again. We also just finished a new-to-us documentary series called Pioneer Quest.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Unfortunately, I'm a big TV junkie. Although, I'm not as bad as I used to be!

Maria - Ahhh, Enterprise. I liked that series.

Stephanie Faris said...

I didn't think I'd like Big Bang Theory but I got the DVDs from the library a few years ago and watched the first two or three seasons...I was hooked at Season 1. Some of the jokes that season were SO funny. It isn't quite as LOL funny anymore, I don't think. I got my husband to watch it and now he's a HUGE BBT fan. He watches the episodes over and over. I'm kind of over it, but I'll watch it when it's on. I think this is the last season, so you're in the home stretch with it!