Friday, August 26, 2016

What a Busy Week

Did I say my life would go back to normal this week? Hahahahahahahaha!

Monday: Hubby had a doctor appointment. 40 minutes from home. We ended up having lunch after. Pretty much shot my day, but I managed to get some revising done.

Tuesday: Probably the normalist day all week. I didn’t go anywhere! However, I did prepare several checks to be signed by the president of my local RWA chapter (I’m the treasurer), which meant also recording those checks in Quick Books. I felt like an accountant again. At least I got some revising done. Yay!

Wednesday: Board meeting with my local RWA chapter at 10:00 am. I thought I’d be home by 2 or 3 (it’s an hour drive for me). Try 6:30 pm. Yep. LONG day. No writing done at all. Boo.

Thursday: Still getting work done for the chapter (ran errands to the bank and post office). Met Hubby for lunch. Never could get into my revisions because I remembered I needed to write this post and I wouldn’t be home at night.

Why is that? Because Hubby and I went to see the Dixie Chicks! Whoo hoo!

Can’t tell you more about the concert, though, since I’m writing this before I left.

Friday (today): A big question mark. I’m hoping for NO distractions!

Plus, on top of all of the above, I was host for the Sizzle and Sass Facebook page, so it’s taken my time up, too. Saturday is my last day for that, so at least there’s an end in sight.

Tonight is the first game of the season for the Wayne Warriors Football Team (high school). Can’t believe football is starting already. Hope we win!!

Yesterday I was able to purchase those Pittsburgh Penguins tickets for the March 5th game (that would be the day after a book signing I’m attending in the area)!! Thanks to whoever gave my daughter the presale code! Much appreciated.

Looking forward to going back to Pittsburgh for a game. I need a new magnet for my car. Actually, a couple: Penguins and Steelers. J Mine are sadly faded.

If I took any pictures of the concert, I’ll post them on Monday. Which means, if I want an easy post, I BETTER take pictures! Hahahaha! J

So… How has your week been? Normal or hectic?



Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Why normal OR hectic? Why not both? :)

Seriously, it's been a good week here. A mixture of doctor's appointments, slowed down by a lazy day spent eating steamed crabs. (For us, that's never just a meal... it's an event!) I've finally gotten to the point where I've learned to take advantage of my usually early morning wake-up to write then, when my hubby is still in bed. Such a simple little adjustment, but such a terrific return! No more procrastinating, and putting off writing to handle the usual day-to-day chores. Putting off reading the newspaper and checking emails means actually getting some words down on paper. :)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Susan - Well, if normal IS hectic for you, then it's normal for you, right? I would think hectic would be something NOT normal for you. Hey, maybe a boring day is hectic to some. It used to be for me, especially when I had the day job (they could be the longest days ever and it was hectic trying to find something to do!). So glad THOSE days are over (although I miss the pay...).

Jennette Marie Powell said...

Your week sounds a lot like mine, only mine was all kitchen remodeling stuff, with an out of town guest thrown in. Not much revising done here, either, though we now have cabinets, lighting, the range, and microwave in...

Valerie Capps said...

Wow! It sounds like you need a vacation. I'm afraid my week doesn't compare to yours. We spent a couple of days with friends in a remote cabin on a Kentucky Lake. Beautiful view, calm water, but no phone or Internet reception. I haven't decided if that was a good or a bad thing. It was fun and relaxing, but I was beginning to have SMWS. (Social Media Withdrawal Syndrome)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - At least you have something tangible for your busyness. Something you can enjoy for years and years (or months and months if you still plan on moving!).

Valerie - Actually, I will be on vacation, of sorts. I leave for Dragon Con on Wednesday. Whoo hoo! Can't wait for that craziness to start. But I know what you mean about SMWS. I get that on a cruise all the time. Not a bad thing to have, though, because...CRUISE!! Got two coming up this year. Yay!

The Happy Whisk said...

My goodness. After reading all that, I need a nap.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Ivy - Oooh, a nap sounds WONDERFUL! :)

JeffO said...

Still, sounds like a good week. Hope the concert was good! Have a great weekend.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - The concert was GREAT (although I would have liked to have sat through part of the 2-hour concert--everyone in front of us stood). Never realized how large Klipsch Music Center was. It got loud!