Monday, October 17, 2016

Pictures From Hot Sarasota

Today will be a SUPER long one. We’re driving home in one shot (Hubby has to be at work on Tuesday). That’s okay, though. It’s really not that bad of a drive. And once my daughter wakes up (she tends to party after Nationals), she’ll probably drive most of the way!

Heck, she drove most of the way coming down to Florida (I got a whole book read!).

We’ve attended Nationals at Louisville, Mason (Cincinnati), Dublin (Columbus), Austin (twice), and now Sarasota. Out of all those, I believe Sarasota had the nicest fields. The grass was very similar to a golf course and the fields were nice and flat. My only complaint was there were no trees to sit under because it was stinkin’ hot! Even when we were in Austin, the temps were usually in the mid 70s. It was near 90 in Sarasota. And humid. I kind of felt sorry for the players. Footy is a very physical sport.

I thought I was smart, though. I brought an umbrella and used that for shade. But imagine my surprise when I still got sunburned! That just doesn’t seem fair. I really did not want to make my “farmer’s” tan any worse. Oh well…

With football ending early on Sunday, Hubby and I were able to go into town (on the island) and check it out. We parked at one of the parks between bridges and walked the rest of the way. Found a restaurant for dinner (Cha-Cha Coconuts) and then walked around the circle (shops are located around their traffic circle), where I found a little cupcake shop. I had been looking for dessert to bring back to the hotel, too. Man, that was one yummy cupcake.

Anyway, below are some of the pictures I took (even of the cupcakes). I wish we were able to get to the beach while it was still daylight, but we weren’t thinking clearly. We did get there, but it was pretty dark.

Jillaroos (in pink) lining up for inspection.

Daughter is the one in the black leggings.

Fighting for the ball. Yes, they tackle. No, they don't wear
protective gear. Yes, they get hurt.

Taken from the little island between the mainland (in the
distance)  and the island we were headed to (Lido Beach).
Very beautiful and peaceful. I thought our car would
have been the last one there when we returned, but
the place is even more popular after the sun sets!

Bridge from Sarasota to the island off to the right.

Hey look, you can see my shadow!
Oh, and my car!

Neat bird!

Houses or a resort on the bay/gulf/whatever

Another neat bird!

This is Lido Beach. Too dark to see anything, though.

Hotels on Lido Beach. Kind of blurry (sorry).

This is where I got our cupcakes from.

Mine (on the left) was Snickerdoodle. Hubby got
Peanut Butter Cup. Super yummy! Glad I found Gigi's!

FYI – The Jillaroos didn’t win any games, but they played hard. And the Jackaroos made it to the Div 2 final, but lost to the Calgary Kangaroos.

Football Update:

  • High School: Wayne Won!
  • College: OSU Buckeyes won! (what a close one, too). USC Trojans won!
  • NFL: Steelers & Rams lost. L I don’t know what happened with the Steelers (I expected a blow out going the other way), but the Rams played a close one. I really thought they might come out on top, but nope.

So… Have you ever used an umbrella for shade? How’d that work for you?

Have a great Monday.



Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

I've taken a few photos on Lido beach. Imagine me hiking about FL in full summer...and you can understand my fear of dying. *wink*

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Some nice shots.
The girls might get hurt, but probably less than professional players with all the padding.
Sorry you got burned though.

Maria Zannini said...

I've been to Florida once, and it rained the entire time I was there!

I really should wear a hat when I'm out in the sun, but I never think of it. The umbrella is a great idea as long as you don't mind not having your hands free.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I used an umbrella for shade when we visited China. It was 96 deg. one day, and I noticed a lot of the locals doing it, so why not? It helped a LOT.

Bummer that the Jillaroos lost, but it sounds like everyone had fun!

JeffO said...

In the Florida sunshine, that field must have been brutal for playing!

First neat bird: looks like an ibis; second neat bird looks to be a heron or egret, but it's hard to tell.

Glad you had a nice trip!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Mac - Florida in the summer is one major reason I refuse to move to that state. The other reason would be the bugs. Thank goodness I didn't see that many on this trip. :)

Alex - My daughter is proud of every bruise and broken bone! :)

Maria - I wore a ball cap, which only helped my face. I didn't mind holding the umbrella, until it got windy. But the umbrella really helped keep me COOLER. I just have to remember to use the kind that can block UV rays better.

Jennette - Everyone seemed to have fun. Good thing. Players pay to play in Nationals. Us fans get in free! :)

Jeff - Trip was great until the drive home. I'm beginning to really hate Georgia. I thought Ohio was bad with construction. Ugh!!