Monday, October 3, 2016

Still Traveling, BBQ, and Football

Well, RomCon16 is in the books, but I’m still on the road. Expect to make it home later this afternoon. I’ll be glad to sleep in my own bed tonight. And use my own internet. It may be slow, but it’s nothing compared to hotel wi-fi. Ugh.

RomCon was fun, although I really thought it would be bigger. Kind of shocked me that Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together (RAGT) is larger and way cheaper (that last part mainly from the venue, I’m sure).

It was a nice intimate con and I met a lot of readers (mostly from the speed date an author event—fun, but whew!). It would have been nice if I SOLD some books at the book signing (I’m not doing so well at any con for that), but a lot of people were interested in my books and I let them know the e-books were cheaper (especially Bite Me, I’m Yours and Ghostly Liaison).

Will I go back, though? Probably not. It’s just a bit too far for me.

That marks the end of my conventions for this year. I have one more book signing/luncheon coming up on Dec 3, but I don’t have to go far for that (Newport, KY).

We stopped  in Kansas City last night (about the half-way mark). I wanted to try some KC BBQ, so we asked the hotel clerk what was good and he recommended a place (family owned, not a chain). I ordered the pulled pork, but couldn’t eat it. It was way too spicy, which shocked me. I never would have expected it to be anything other than smoky. The waitress insisted on replacing my meal (even though I told her it wasn’t necessary), so I got the brisket (which is what Hubby was eating). It was much better, but man, was there a lot of meat there. I don’t think they know what 6oz is. I swear, there must have been closer to a pound on the plate. We ended up taking most of it with us. Good thing we have a cooler to transport it home.

But my opinion? I liked the Texas BBQ we got in San Antonio a whole bunch more.

Football Games this past weekend:

  • Missed our Wayne Warriors (high school) play on Friday, but they won easily (58-7). Playoff bound? I hope so!!
  • Hubby was able to watch the OSU game at B-dubs (not used to a 10am game, though), while I was busy with that speed date an author. He sent updates. I smiled a lot. Quite a blow-out.
  • My Rams are 3-1 now. Whoo hoo!
  • And the Steelers topped off another good football weekend.

So… Do you have a BBQ preference? Texas? Kansas City? Something else? Is there something else?

Happy Monday!



JeffO said...

I think North Carolina has a form of barbecue all it's own. If memory serves, it involves dropping a bucket of cole slaw on top of the sandwich.

Glad you enjoyed the con, though sorry it wasn't .... more. There is nothing quite like getting into your own bed at the end of a trip. Enjoy!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jeff is correct about our BBQ. And the pulled pork does tend to be spicy.
Sorry the event wasn't a huge success.
And the game last night made up for their sorry appearance the week before. Almost.

Valerie Capps said...

I love to travel and love to come home! I've never tried KC BBQ; Memphis (wet) BBQ is my favorite. If you're ever in Memphis, TN, give the Blues City Cafe a try. It isn't a tourist attraction--it's more of an old-school juke joint/soul food restaurant on the corner of Beale Street and S. 2nd. It doesn't look like much, but I think it has some of the best BBQ around. The Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous is the popular tourist restaurant. The food there is good too, but I prefer to go where the locals go when I'm traveling.

Maria Zannini said...

Texas bbq is my favorite. While I love spicy food, when it comes to bbq I want to taste the meat, not the seasonings.

Safe trip back.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

I like BBQ that's thick, sweet, and spicy at the same time. Not sure what that is. As for football, I have never seen a game like the one we watched this weekend, Tennessee vs. Gerogia. We were in a bar in Knoxville, and it was crazy! Games like that could even get me interested. :) Glad your trip was fun!

Gina Gao said...

It's been a while since I've been at a BBQ, but I like it when it's spicy.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - Coleslaw on the sandwich??? No thank you!

Alex - All the pulled pork I've ever eaten has NEVER been spicy. And I LOVE pulled pork, so I've eaten it a lot.

Valerie - I've been to Memphis (and Graceland), but don't think I've ever eaten there. Will have to fix that next time I go through the city.

Maria - That's what I think about BBQ, too. Just a little bit of sauce, not swimming in it.

Jennette - Watching any game at a bar is quite an experience!

Gina - My mouth rejects spicy. Sometimes my nose does, too. Thanks for visiting!

Silver Willow said...

GO RAMS! We did a road trip for the game; it was amazing!!!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Silver - I only wish I could have watched the game!