Friday, April 27, 2018

What a Game!

I think the Penguins are trying to give all their fans heart attacks. What a game last night! I have a feeling this next round is going to be super stressful.

What am I saying? They’re ALL stressful.

I’m just so happy that the Penguins woke up and came from behind to win the first game. In Capitals territory. Bwahahahaha!

After the Penguins game, Daughter and I watched the Vegas Knights. Not quite as stressful. Scoring 4 goals in the first period might have helped in that regard. And since I wrote this during the game, I cannot share the outcome. Yes, I stayed up late to watch it!

Tonight Hubby and I will are going to a Dayton Dragons game. Then we do the same tomorrow night with some friends. I pray for dry weather, but have a feeling it’ll be a little chilly. I wish it would hurry up and get warmer.

So… What stresses you out? I think it’ll always be hockey for me. Okay, possibly football, too.

Happy Friday! And let’s go Pens!!



JeffO said...

I don't think the Caps have it in them to beat Pittsburgh this year. The question is, does anyone else?

Epic third period for Boston moves them along. I think they match up better with Tampa than they did against the Leafs, and I believe they'll move on to the semifinal. I'm uncharacteristically optimistic this year!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - Pittsburgh certainly has its ups and downs. I just hope the downs stay away! I also know a lot of Pens fans don't like Boston, either (heck, they don't care much for any team! haha!). I haven't been a fan of the NHL long enough to have a hatred for them, I guess, so I'll wish you good luck!