Monday, August 27, 2018

I Finally Did It

Big Red, my laptop, no longer has Microsoft Office 2003.

Because of a Windows 10 update, the Excel software wasn’t working all that well. If I tried to do more than just enter one cell at a time (meaning I forgot to save it after entering the first cell), it would crash. If I tried to do anything like insert a line or copy a formula, it would crash. Very frustrating! I downloaded Libre Office (because it was free and I wasn’t willing—at the time—to upgrade Excel if that meant upgrading Word, too) and found out I didn’t like their spreadsheet software all that much. In fact, it had been keeping me from doing a lot of my work! Hubby still had the CD for Office 2007 (which he shockingly found amidst the mess in the study), so I begrudgingly upgraded Office.

Hmmm… Think I used enough adverbs there? Haha!

I’m sure I’ll be a grumpy-bump until I get used to it, but already I like Excel 2007 better than Libre Office, so there’s that. And it’s not like I’ve never used Word 2007 (was forced to at my last job-job). I just don’t care for the huge tool bar on top that I can never find what I want!

See? Bigger is not always BETTER. I miss my drop down lists.

I know 2007 is ALSO retired (they keep telling me!), but hey, it’s working on Windows 10 and that’s all that matters to me. I do not care if I have the latest and greatest. Sometimes the older versions could do so much more, or at least were simple enough to understand. I miss being able to set up the software how I want it (and if there’s a way to do that in 2007, I haven’t discovered it yet), but it is what it is.

At least I don’t have to click a button to find my word count anymore. Word 2007 keeps track of that at the bottom of the screen. Of course, if I only want a portion of the document counted, I don’t know how to do that…

Nevermind, I figured it out. J

Yeah, learning curve. I really hate learning new software. See? Grumpy-bump.

So… What would you hate to re-learn? And would it turn you into a grumpy-bump, too?

Happy Monday!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I use 2007 as well. Until my next computer upgrade, I'll keep using it. Easy to get comfortable, isn't it?

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - It's WAY too easy to get comfortable. But when I'm writing, it's the ONLY way to be!

Maria Zannini said...

It took a few days to get used to where everything was on 2007, but now I wouldn't trade it for anything.

When I bought my computer a couple of years ago they told me that it would automatically update to Windows 10. I told the Geeks right then if they wanted to sell me this computer they'd have to make sure it would not update.

They were good to their word. I hate Windows 10. Some people say it's safe, but many of my friends tell me it's been a hassle since day one. I don't need any stress when it comes to my computer.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - I had no problem with the old, old, old, Windows. People hated Vista, but it didn't bother me so much, because I was able to make it look and act like the classic. I was not a fan of Windows 7, so Windows 10 wasn't much different to me. I just turn off most of the stupid features they think I can't live without!

JeffO said...

I would hate to re-learn tying my shoes. I had a hard enough time with that the first time around!

Gmail just forced an upgrade on me. Looks mostly the same (just ooh, aah, 3-D style graphics), seems to function even slower than before.

Tanja said...

ALL u went thru, remembering which function keys to make spreadsheets and merges do what I want AND printer troubleshooting. And I still can’t get music up/downloads to work right. No wonder I’m ALWAYS grumpy. Thanks a lot Stacy for reminding me it’s another “irky” day. Kidding. Glad ur tech is fixed.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - I DID relearn to tie my shoes a few years ago. I had been tying them wrong (as they were always coming untied). Learned the right way and boy, was that hard. But now it's easy (and my shoes stayed tied!). Thing was, I WANTED to do it right. Whereas updates to software...grrr. And Gmail ASKED me if I wanted to upgrade. I said NO. Hope they don't force that on me.

Tanja - You're welcome! It's not a Monday unless you're irked! :)

Jennette Marie Powell said...

So with you on Word and that dumb "ribbon." Just give me my menus! Still, I did manage to get used to it when we changed at work several years ago.

But the main reason I have old software on my computer is because I HATE paying a subscription fee for it - and that's the only way you can get most software anymore.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - So true about the subscriptions. They're such rip offs! Besides, I don't want my stuff in the Cloud. I don't trust it!

Tia said...

Wow, someone who clung to Word 2003 longer than I did! I was even a Certified Expert on Word 2003. It truly achieved perfection.

But then ... the ribbon.

My work as a business analyst forced me to keep up, but Word 2005 was the worst. 2007 was a huge improvement.

Then, in the past year, the company where I worked went Office 365. Within a week, I had subscribed at home, and we moved out of Dropbox. We have not looked back.

The big reason I was sold is because we were using Dropbox (for the same price) anyway, but I was always frustrated that they had no support whatsoever for families. My husband was really the only one who could use it. (And the reason I use cloud services in the first place was because of a disastrous hard drive crash that made us lose almost every picture we took on a cruise, which was the last vacation I was on with my father, before he died.)

With Office 365, we all get more cloud space than we will ever need, and we each get the entire portfolio of Office applications. I think it is well worth the subscription price.

That said, I do think Word 2007 will serve you well. I see you already found the word count hiding in the Revisions ribbon. :)

Stacy McKitrick said...

Tia - I won't use Dropbox, either. I don't like my stuff out there. I do back up my computer regularly, so if by some bad luck it crashes, I wouldn't lose all that much. I'm hoping that never happens, though!! **KNOCK ON WOOD**