Friday, September 21, 2018

The Day From Hell

You ever have one of those days? Where it seemed like everything went wrong? Well, that was my day yesterday, which really sucked, because I had to get ready for today.

I’m leaving on vacation!!

First, I had to stay home and wait for St. Vincent to pick up our two old recliners (which our couch replaced). Not a problem. I had laundry to do. But I also had to go over to the old house and make sure the flooring people were okay.

Thankfully, St. Vincent arrived at 9:30. Not too bad. I took off to the old house.

Upstairs toilet was clogged (apparently the painters flushed something heavier than toilet paper). I had to go back home and get the plunger. Returned to the old house and discovered the painters did NOT finish painting (after they said they’d get right on it!). At least the toilet unclogged.

After lunch with Hubby, I came home and paid the bills (while still doing the laundry). Had a heck of a time balancing my checkbook. Recognized WHAT I was off, but not WHY. Sometimes your brain just doesn’t want to work and mine decided not to work then. Finally figured out what I did wrong and got that sucker balanced. Off to pay the bills.

Realized I hadn’t gotten a bill for the electric since we moved in. I called them. They’ve been sending the bills to the wrong address (street address was correct, city and zip were not). I have NO IDEA where those bills went (and apparently it’s an issue for almost everyone who lives in this area). I asked what I owed and nearly fainted. Thank goodness they take Visa, so there’s no threat of having the electricity turned off while we’re away.

Still… wouldn’t you think they’d CALL if I hadn’t been making payments, especially since I make payments on time with the other house? Sheesh!

Then I was afraid the bill for the new couch would arrive and be due before we got home. I called them to make sure #1, did they have my correct address, and #2, how much the bill was and where I could mail it.

Turned out the bill arrived yesterday AFTER I mailed the payment. At least I know it’s coming to the correct house.

At 5:30, I was getting ready to fix dinner when the dryer went off. I emptied it and opened the washer to transfer the towels. But it was still full of water.

I played with the knobs, but nothing worked. I looked at the breaker box, but I couldn’t see anything wrong (although there was, I just couldn’t see it). So I found a container to put the wet towels in.

Which was also a struggle! The bins were stuck together and I couldn’t get them apart. By this time I was ready to hit someone.

I finally wedged those suckers apart (with the help of a stick) and proceeded to wring the towels as dry as I could get them. Hauled the bin into the car and drove to the Laundromat.

I got there at 6:30. It closed at 6:00.

Of course it did!

I had no idea where another Laundromat was located so I contacted my daughter to see if I could use the washer in her apartment. I drove over there and waited for her to return (she had to go to the bank). By the time she returned, someone had taken both washers. I waited until almost 8 then decided to use a Laundromat near her apartment (which she told me how to get to).

$3.00 for a small load!!! But at least it was open.

While the towels were washing, I walked over to McDonald’s. Ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce only. Only cost me a buck with the coupon on the app.

But then I got back to my car and discovered they’d given me a crispy chicken sandwich. I would have thrown it away if I weren’t so hungry. Man, that sucker was DRY.

While I was at the Laundromat, Hubby stopped by the house on the way from teaching. Called me and said the wrong carpet was being installed. It looked blue or green.

It’s supposed to be grey.

So after the washer finished, I stopped by the old house (because it would be just our luck that they delivered the wrong carpet). Hubby saw the carpet PAD. Carpet was still rolled up and it’s grey. I’m glad it’s okay. Not so glad I had to make another trip over there.

At least when I got home, Hubby checked the breaker box and showed me how to reset the switch. The washer now works (although it still worries me that it blew the breaker in the first place).

This vacation is almost coming at the wrong time (because of the old house), but man, do I feel like I need one now. I don’t ever want another day like that.

Happy Friday!



JeffO said...

Oh, boy. Go, relax, have fun. You need it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a series of crappy and time-consuming events. Now, go on vacation and forget all of it.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - Relaxing is definitely on my schedule!

Alex - I will certainly try and forget.

Maria Zannini said...

Oh, my gosh! You really did have the day from hell. I hope it all get straightened out soon.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - I do, too! I want that house done!!!