Monday, December 3, 2018

Football and Pictures of my Christmas Tree

I watched the horrible, horrible Steelers game last night and failed to write today’s post. Okay, more like just forgot, period, since I could have written this while watching the game. Probably just as well I didn’t. That game put me in a pissy mood.

At least the Rams won their game, and are the NFC West champs! Yay!

I’m really happy OSU won and became the Big Ten champions on Saturday. Kind of feel like they got a slap in the face by putting a 2-loss team (a team that lost their conference champion game), ahead of them in the rankings, but oh well. They’re going to the Rose Bowl. Can’t complain too much about that. Go Bucks!!

I decorated the house and tree this weekend (so I wasn’t a total slob just watching sports). Here are some pictures.

This is the first year since 1992 that we haven't had a fireplace to hang the stockings. I think I found a suitable replacement (as long as I don't need inside the cabinet). In this pic, the tree is up, but not decorated (it's a pre-lit tree, so that part of decorating is easy).

Here's a picture of the completely decorated tree. I like how I have lots of room to walk around it! Didn't have that luxury in the old house (at least not where we could see it all the time).

Every year we purchase dated ornaments (have been doing this since our first Christmas as a married couple). In 2003, we started adding a dated Steelers ornament. This one is the ornament I bought at the local Hallmark store. It has a penguin on it!

Here's our dated Steelers ornament. We get them from the Danbury Mint. In fact, they just automatically mail it to us and I had to search for last year's order so the new one would come to the correct house! The things you don't realize when you move until it's almost too late.

So… Are you ready for Christmas? Do you buy dated ornaments? I have most of my shopping done (shocker, huh?) and now the tree is ready for presents. Guess I have to now wrap some stuff. That part I don’t like so much.

Happy Monday!



Jennette Marie Powell said...

Your stockings look great on the china cabinet! Great creative thinking :). I just got decorations out yesterday myself, but did not decorate the tree yet. Most of my shopping is done - easier this year, because DH and I decided not to exchange gifts, since you know, we're getting each other a new HOUSE. And yes, GO BUCKS!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jennette - Hubby and I decided not to exchange gifts, either. Well, a big gift. We're still filling each other's stocking. :)

JeffO said...

I think the last dated ornament we got was a 'baby's first Christmas' back in 1997. We've just never really done that. But maybe I should this year, as this is our 25th Anniversary year....

Stacy McKitrick said...

Jeff - Happy 25th anniversary! We went to Hawaii on our 25th (and we'll be going back next year on our 40th!). Got any big plans for yours?

Silver Willow said...

Sorry about the Steelers. And the Rams looked awful; they were lucky to win that game.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Silver - Seems like the Rams are lucky to win a lot of games. But hey, they're winning!!