Monday, October 7, 2019

Crowned Heart for Excellence Review for Biting the Curse!

FYI: I’m currently on vacation.

While on our cruise Friday morning (after spending a wonderful two days in Bermuda), I was able to take advantage of the Internet package Hubby purchased (only one person is allowed on it at a time and he pretty much hogs the thing, which is fine, because he needs it in case someone at work has to contact him). So of course the first thing I did was go through my e-mails.

And there, near the top, was one about my excellent review in InDtale Magazine!

I was surprised. Not just because I’ve never received such a review, but because I wasn’t expecting the review for Biting the Curse (which I requested through the magazine back in June) to show up until November’s issue! I quickly searched my e-mails for October’s issue and opened it (on my phone, which wasn’t all that easy or quick). Biting the Curse got 4-1/2 stars! And has that little Crowned Heart for Excellence next to the cover! (if you have an account (and you can set one up for free), you can view the review here:–-bitten-love-book-5-stacy-mckitrick or in the magazine here:

Here’s my favorite part of the review: “Ms. McKitrick’s vampire tale is filled with explosive adventure, mouth-watering sensuality and is delicious enough to warrant a second helping request!”

The other books I’ve submitted for review to the magazine have only gotten 3-1/2 stars (although the reviews have always been very nice and positive).

I couldn’t stop grinning! But about the only thing I could do at the time was make a quick post on Facebook about it. Now that I’m off the cruise and have an easier access to the Internet (like via my data plan, if not the hotel’s wifi), I’m sharing that news everywhere!

I’m so freakin’ happy!

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