Monday, October 28, 2019

Vacation Pictures, Part I

Lookee there! I finally downloaded the pictures from my phone to my laptop (or would that be uploaded? I always get those mixed up).

And I realize I have so many pictures, I'm breaking them up in hopefully two parts. Today's pictures are from our cruise to Grand Turk and Bermuda.

So here we go!
 Hubby at Grand Turk. The water is really pretty!

Grand Turk isn't all lovely, though. A lot of it looks like this.

Even their lighthouse looks all rusted!

One thing you can find a lot of on Grand Turk: Donkeys. They aren't exactly friendly, either.

When we arrived at Bermuda, we were met with a beautiful rainbow! We ended up docking behind that ship.

See? I made it to Bermuda!

Some wall paintings. I really loved the color all over the island.

I was hoping to see one of those pink sand beaches. Apparently you only see the pink sand if you go into the water. I wasn't dressed to go wading, so I just took a picture of where you can find the pink sand (I did buy a small bottle of it, though).

Bermuda is kind of long and skinny, almost shaped like a comma. You can see our ship across the water.

The area where the boat was docked is an old fort. The buildings are really neat.

We had some issues with the cold water in our room (we didn't have any). Customer service gifted us with a bottle of wine. I did drink some. I still haven't found a wine I like.

On the Carnival Magic, they have this BBQ joint outside. It had some really good pulled pork! If you ever go on a Carnival ship and see one of these, you must try them. We had lunch there a couple of times. Good food!!

Since we're Platinum members (meaning we have more than 75 days (I think) of cruising), they put on a party for us and Diamond members (200 cruise days, I think). Free booze! Hubby discovered he likes Sex on the Beach (the orangey drink). I enjoyed the blue margarita.

If I haven't finished reading the book I'm currently reading, I'll post Part II on Wednesday. Otherwise, I'll try and remember to do it Friday.

We've been waiting for the Alaskan cruises to show up for 2021 (because our friends want to go there then) and Hubby's dream cruise (well, one of them), also popped up for 2021. It's a journey cruise from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale, via the Panama Canal (it also stops in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Columbia), 17 days in September-October 2021. It really depends on when our friends want to go to Alaska. I'm steering them toward late May 2021 (it's cheaper, but yeah, a little colder) so we have a break between cruises.

But right now I'm concentrating on our next cruise in December to Hawaii!! 14 days! I'm really looking forward to that one. We sail out of San Diego, so we're arriving a few days early to go up to Santa Barbara to visit my mother. A must whenever I'm in the state.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You are cruising crazy!
Was it real Southern pulled pork?

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - I don't know what southern pulled pork is, but it sure was tasty. And they had several BBQ sauces you could choose from. I hate Carolina BBQ sauce, though (I go for sweet, like Kansas City).

Maria Zannini said...

I think I've seen those forts in old pirate movies. I wonder if they filmed there.

Stacy McKitrick said...

Maria - It's possible, I guess. Although it's probably not all that cheap to film over there.