Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Reading Update and Remembering Dreams

Do you remember your dreams? For the most part, I don’t. But if they fall into a certain situation (or theme), I do.

One of the dream themes I tend to remember is about bathrooms. Specifically, looking for one that isn’t dirty or broken. I haven’t had one of these dreams for a few years…until this week.

FYI: I posted about this in 2013 (Stacy's Rantingsand Whatnot: Dreams ( so that shows you how long it’s been since I had a bathroom dream!

I don’t know what brought them on in the past, or what brought it on this past week, but I find it amazing that I can usually remember my bathroom dreams but not most of the other dreams I’ve had.

This last dream, I was looking for a bathroom. I guess I was on a ship (because of the way it was built—all metal). The one I found had water on the floor that covered my shoes. By the time I was finished using the bathroom, the water was up so high it soaked my shorts (which I find weird because I rarely wear shorts!). I woke up after that, probably because I was amazed I had a bathroom dream!

I liked it better when I dreamt about having a large house with hidden rooms. It was so much fun to explore! I used to dream about that a lot, but not for decades now. Or maybe I have dreamt them and just don’t remember them anymore. That makes me sad to think about…

Here’s what I read since my last update:

Book 46

Dates read: September 8-17, 2021
Title: Ghost Moon
Year of publication: 2010
Author: Heather Graham
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Series: The Bone Island Trilogy #3
# of Pages: 376
Paper or plastic: Mass market paperback
How obtained: Purchased
Blurb from book: Reclusive collector Cutter Merlin is seldom seen in Key West—lately, not at all. Officer Liam Beckett visits Merlin’s curious house and discovers the gentleman in his study. In his death grip: a volume of occult lore and a reliquary. His eyes are wide with fright, his mouth a horrified rictus where spiders now dwell.
    Kelsey Donovan returns to the old house to catalog her estranged grandfather’s collection of artifacts and antiquities, vowing to see his treasures divested properly. But she cannot ignore the sense that she’s being watched, the reports of malevolent black figures, the pervasive smell of death.
    Is the Merlin house haunted, even cursed? Liam knows well that some ghost stories are true and he swears to protect Kelsey. But there are forces at work for whom one more life is a pittance to pay for their deepest desire….
My thoughts: Quite a mystery. I couldn’t figure it out. Not that I’m good at that kind of thing. A nice wrap-up for the trilogy and I enjoyed them all.

So I wonder why we remember some dreams but not all. Our brains are strange, aren’t they? Do you remember any of your dreams? Do any have recurring themes?

Happy Reading!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Does it mean you fear dirty bathrooms?
I don't remember mine well either but at least once a week I dream I am searching the house for an intruder. And we have a security system!

Stacy McKitrick said...

Alex - Well, I do HATE dirty bathrooms, but I fear other things more. Gosh, I hope I don't dream of those!!!