Friday, June 21, 2024

It's Release Day for Ghostly Protector!

Ghostly Protector is live! It's been a long time coming, but the day is finally here. 

He finally found his long-lost love, but will he have to arrest her for murder?

Adam Fox is a detective with the Chicago Police Department. He’s solved every murder case assigned to him, with a little help from the newly departed. No one on the force knows he can communicate with ghosts and he wants to keep it that way. His latest case brings him face-to-face with his teenage love—and the murder victim’s roommate—Evie. He’s more than ready to close this case and rekindle what he lost, but for one minor technicality: the ghost doesn’t know how he died.

Evelyn Harper can’t believe her eyes when she opens her door to Adam. She never forgot their brief encounter and regretted they didn’t exchange last names and phone numbers before she was urgently pulled away. Now he’s in front of her, telling her that her roommate was murdered. If that wasn’t bad enough, signs indicate she’s the guilty party. How can she prove her innocence before she’s arrested for the crime?

Adam has dreamed about Evie ever since that summer night eleven years ago. He’s not willing to let her go again and will do all he can to prove she’s not guilty. But the ghost is also in love with her, mad that she’s implicated, and won’t move on until she’s safe. And when the ghost is mad, the building can shake. How can Adam clear Evie and help the ghost move on before disaster strikes?

The ebook is available at these fine establishments. Still working on getting print out there.


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