Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Four Days Off

Whoo-hoo! A four-day weekend looms ahead.

At first I pictured four days of writing, but then reality checked in.

I might get some writing done on Thursday; I just don’t know when. The husband and I have some errands that will take up the morning and we plan on attending a movie (“Up in the Air”) in the afternoon. By 4 or 5pm, we’re on our way to Columbus to spend New Year’s Eve with our friend.

Friday is hopeful. OSU plays at 4:15 (The Rose Bowl) and I like watching the Rose Parade in the morning. Those are the only two things for the day that I have scheduled. But if it’s quiet, I should edit Book 1. I entered it into another contest and will need to submit it by Jan 23. Those first 25 pages need to be PERFECT. Know what I mean?

The rest of the weekend will be normal (hair appt, laundry, football, & stuff). I will find time to write, though. I must. Ideas for the ending are starting to form in my head. I should at least add them to my summary or I’m sure to forget. Yes – I have found that plotting is a whole lot better than pantsing. If I had plotted out Book 1 to begin with, I probably would have had an easier time editing it. But what did I know? It was my first (and you always learn from your first of ANYTHING).

I finished the Dexter book yesterday and started "Under the Dome" by Stephen King today.  Maybe I'll find time to read this weekend (ha ha ha ha).

If I don't get back here before Friday - Happy New Year!

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