Friday, March 12, 2010

Can a Color be too Bright? You Betcha!

As much as I hate working – a necessary evil at this point in time – sometimes humorous things can happen there.

I work in sales support, where we write up proposals based upon quote requests. These proposals have to be signed and to make it easier to tell who owns the proposal, we each have our own color of folder. When I started working there, blue and red were taken. I took pink. Yeah, I’m partial to the color (to the disgust of my daughter, I’m sure).

Now, my pink folders aren’t that flashy. Most are pale pink, others are a little darker. I think they’re pretty. People tease me about the color, but I don’t care. We recently hired a new sales support person so my co-worker ordered some new folders.

They came in today.

When she laid down these pink folders on my desk, I almost went blind. They were the brightest florescent pink I’d ever seen. They actually hurt my eyes! I had to put them in a drawer as they were leaving spots behind – as if I had stared into the sun.

She showed me the other florescent colors and they were just as bad. We laughed at how bad they were.

I told her I would never use them, but then I got to thinking. If I had a proposal that I needed signed right away, maybe those folders would come in handy. NO ONE would want to stare at that color for very long! My co-worker agreed.

It does make me wonder about the poor people who have to make these folders. They must wear sunglasses at work. It’s the only explanation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so damn bright!

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