Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back to Reality

It’s back to reality and the reality sucks. But I must bite the bullet. Things could be worse. I could be unemployed and homeless and I’m neither. So I’ll wait. It’ll get better. It’s got to. I’ve waited too long to find my passion.

While the week at RT was exhausting, I had fun. The only bad part was I didn’t have any time to write at night. Maybe if I had stayed at the hotel I would have found some time (of course, I may have used that to sleep), but I drove in each day from my friend’s house (much appreciated, too!) and left my computer behind. By the time I got “home” each night, I was too tired to even think.

It was nice to see some of my charter members (having name badges sure helped) and putting faces to names. I also enjoyed hearing some of my favorite authors speak. What’s really strange is to know that I belong in their group. I’m one of them! Well, the writing group, anyway. Eventually, I’ll make the published group (I’m very optimistic).

Brought home more books than I ever expected: 54. And I only purchased 8 of those. I can now see why readers like to go to these things. If they’re good, they’ll get their price in books returned for the cost of the convention. I don’t know how many of the 54 I’ll actually read (I’d like to say all of them, but I won’t hold my breath) since I spend MOST of my free time writing. I always carry a book with me, though (idea courtesy of Stephen King). You just never know when you’ll be stuck in line somewhere. Reading passes the time with pleasure (and speed).

I sent my 10 (requested) pages out to the agent yesterday (after I read it out loud and fixed any glaring errors) and hope to send some queries out this week. So now the wait begins. I’ll try not to be anxious (Unlike my daughter, who was invited to see the Penguins play in Game 5 in Pittsburgh, 12 rows from the glass – lucky girl!).

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