Friday, May 20, 2011


This week saw the end of my first round of editing on MEMORIES. Now I just have to wait until I hear back from my critique partners.

Can I say I'm a little nervous? Or maybe a lot? Normally I give the story to my daughter, but since she's still working on Book 2 (SARAH'S TURN), I decided to find critique partners (and I got lucky and did!) and make her a beta reader instead.

SARAH'S TURN isn't all that pressing, and while I ask her about it (constantly), it's not a book that can stand on its own since it's the sequel to THE UNCOMMON ONE. Of course, I have readers who want to read it, so they're really the ones who want her to finish!! You hear that, Steph??

So, while I'm on break from MEMORIES, my next story (GHOSTLY LIAISON) is starting to take shape inside my head. I'm glad. I was afraid it had left (since I kind of put it on hold while I worked on MEMORIES). In fact, I'm getting better stuff now. Motivation and goals – two good things for my characters to have. Conflict is the easy part – just throw things in their way so they can't meet their goal. It's also the most fun to write, too!

So, as long as the world doesn't end tomorrow (or so I've heard…), I'll be back to writing first draft stuff. That's kind of hard to do since I've been in edit mode. I need to just write. If it's crap, I can fix it later!

Hope the weekend is full of happy stuff for you. I certainly hope to get a lot of writing done.

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Anne Gallagher said...

I need to get some writing done. And some revising, and a little bit more editing. Instead I've been dealing with my mother and her latest crisis of the moment and can't have any time for my own stuff. Next week. I swear.